Thursday, November 29, 2007

Everyday Life

Well, the bags are finally unpacked and we are back into the 'normalcy' of every day life! Nathan is now showing up to work in Luverne (verses Worthington) so he only has a 5 minute drive to and from work!! That is way better than the 40 mins each way it took before. I really appreciate him getting home a whole 30-40 minutes sooner!!

Since Nathan gets home shortly after 5pm, I have been able to get a membership at the Rec center here in Luverne and swim!!! I have gone twice this week and plan to go every other day if I can. The lap swimming schedule goes until 6pm and since the pool is a whole maybe 6 blocks away, I can get a good 35-45 minutes in. I just have supper ready and Brayan fed when Nathan gets home and I'm off! He feeds the older boys supper and I get a good work-out in. Boy, does it feel good to get in the pool! It's been years since I've swam laps but last night when I was there, someone asked me if I am a swimmer b/c they said no one does flip turns like that unless they are a swimmer! I must still have it in me! :-)

Well, I better get back to my boys...I just got done picking up all the toys and since they now have a large area with no toys in their way, they are running wild! So besides the fact that the kids got into the jam and had it smeared all over their clothes, the oven, and the floor; that Tiernan bit Brayan's nose and left a mark all the way around it; and that Tiernan sprayed vegetable wash in his was a pretty good day! :-)

Monday, November 26, 2007

After Thanksgiving

Our little baby is 3 months old now!! This is one picture I took of him for his 3 month picture...isn't he cute?!?! :-)

Caedmon hanging out with Daddy!

Tiernan taking a big bite of cake!! Yum yum!! (Cousin Jacob in the background)

Me and Brayan before they sang "Happy Birthday!"

Our family picture taken on Thanksgiving...Caedmon wouldn't put down his toys....

Ahhh...well, we are back in Luverne after a long weekend in St. Cloud. We spent Thursday with the Legatt side, which was a little different than normal b/c there was only my family and then 2 of Nathan's sisters there and the only 2 that aren't married, so it wasn't very many people at all! Usually Thanksgiving (or any holiday for that matter) is a zoo at the Legatts b/c of all the siblings and their families, etc so this was a nice change! We spent some time playing games and enjoying each other's company. My older boys spent Thursday night at G & G McKeevers (my parents) so Nathan and I had a relaxing evening and morning without our wild kids :-)

Friday morning Nathan and I dedcided to go to town to do some shopping...BAD IDEA!!! It was absolutely nuts in town so we just decided to skip shopping and just go to the cell phone store to get new phones (ours were junk). They were even so busy at that place that when we walked in, a guy was carrying a clipboard and taking down names and telling us how long of a wait we had...I was like 'are we in a restaurant?!?' So anyway, we waited, got new phones and were on our way! We did see an accident happen though on division...crazy holiday shoppers! always have to drive on the defense!! yikes!

Saturday was my birthday so Nathan and I brought the older boys to cousin Williams house and made it over to G Allens for a free lunch! It was great, although I got a buffalo chicken wrap and it was so hot I couldn't taste anything else :-) After all that was done, we got the boys and spent the rest of the day/evening visiting with friends that Nathan has known since high school. They had just had their first child, so it was fun to meet her and catch up a little!

We made the drive back on sunday after a brunch at the Legatts. To top off the weekend, when we got back to our place, we were unloading the car and our glass gallon milk jug (empty) rolled out of our van and smashed on the bumper before falling to the ground....well, I reached out to grab it and as soon as it broke, I pulled my hand away. But I pulled away too late and sliced my fingers across on the inside of my hand...ouch!! So I only had one hand to help unload the car, along with unloading my 3 crying boys :-) So, yes, it's a joy to be back home! Now comes all the unpacking....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Well, with Tiernan being up most of the night a couple nights ago, he actually made it through the day with no nap as well!! So last night we ended up putting the kids to bed early (Caedmon 6:30pm and Tiernan 7pm) and had a great night to ourselves!! (Besides Brayan snuggling with us, but he's no trouble!) We rented a movie and just enjoyed peace and quiet! Today was a pretty normal day...went to church in Sioux Falls, went grocery shopping, grabbed something quick for lunch and came home. We rented a couple more movies and watched a little of one while Tiernan did some table activities. Caedmon is still sleeping from his nap (it's 5:30pm!) and Nathan told me not to wake him, so we'll see if he sleeps at all tonight..yikes! And that's about it! Nothing too exciting today (which is actually quite a change from normal :-)
I figure I'd keep people posted about our house status on here too...We switched realtors a week ago (which we are very happy about) and there was an offer put in already last Thursday. It was a super low offer which we did not except and countered at the full-price. (b/c they were so far below asking price) They said they would keep on looking, so they weren't that serious to begin. If we don't hear back from them, there might be a possibility of making an offer to them to see if they would accept. Other than that, we'll just keep trusting the Lord and His timing!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hey all! Welcome to the Legatt Family Blog!! I will try to post as often as possible (spare time does not come along too often over here) but I will do my best!! Tiernan (yes, the oldest!) was up most of the night last night so I'm a tad bit tired today. I got up at about 3am (Brayan was still sleeping!...good boy!) and decided to make a trip to the bathroom. On the way there, I noticed that Tiernan's door to his room was open. I went up to it, looked in, and no Tiernan! So I walked around the house, checking in all his 'hiding' places, and still no Tiernan! I made sure the lock on the door (since he knows how to open the bolt, we've placed a chain lock way up in the corner of the door) and it was still locked so I knew he had to be somewhere in the apt. Well, after much searching in the dark, mostly, I came across a little boy laying on the floor in our closet in our bedroom! He got up when he saw me and giggled, as if we were playing hide and seek! I whispered sternly 'get to bed!' and he ran into his bed. After crawling back into bed, I noticed that Tiernan's light came on in his room and next thing I hear is the TV turning on. I woke Nathan and told him what was going on. Tiernan decided that he wasn't tired at 3am, wanted to play hide and seek and watch TV!! Well, we finally got him to stay in his bed and he was wide awake again at his normal 6ish am. He has been going strong all day so far....I don't know how he does it!! So that was our night! I'll send updates and pictures soon!