Monday, January 12, 2015

Potty training

Man the day's fly by! So Nathan was bound and determined to get Jaeg potty trained last week. He has pretty much potty trained the other 4 all within a few days so he was pretty confident w this one too. He started off great and is doing well with's the #2 he's not so cool with. He doesn't get the whole "that stuff goes in the potty" part and has continually pooped in his underwear day after day. Nathan for so frustrated w him today that he put a diaper back on him. I think we might have to go to pull ups so he can go potty when he needs to but we don't have to change any dirty underwear.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


So the kitty is a girl! She's about 5-6 months old and still completely adorable. She's moved into our house and seems like she's been here her whole life. She roams freely and the kids don't even phase her. Jaeg will pick her up and walk around with her, Selah will lay on her and pull her tail...and she just stands or lays there! She's never snapped, bite at or scratched any of them. She's so calm!! We will have her spayed and declawed in a couple weeks and then she'll officially be a Legatt :)

A picture a few down is of our my favorite sign we got on our date at Hobby Lobby in AR :)

And Selah's face plant! We were in our room when we hear Selah cry and one of the kids brought her to us and says that her nose was bleeding. Well, all I saw was just a little red on the side so I wiped it clean. All of the kids were occupied and said that she was over by the front door and then just started crying. Huh, oh well. I put her down for a nap. When I got her up, her face looked horrible!! I didn't see any scratches or marks on her forehead before and her nose certainly didn't look like that before! Poor thing! So she musta fell and scuffed up her face on something but no one saw it! At least it doesn't seem to bother her and today it is much better :)

Thursday, January 1, 2015


There was a stray cat at the salon for a couple days and to my surprise, when Caedmon and so went to go drop some stuff off there, it was still around! It was -20 wind chill out and the cat was so cold and shivering. It seemed like a nice cat that would let us pet it (maybe it just wanted in?) But I called Nathan and asked if we could bring it home. We couldnt just leave it out in the cold!

We brought it (still really don't know if its a boy or girl, lol) home and for now, has taken up residence in our garage. I stopped at the grocery store quick on the way back home to pick up a bag of cat food while caedmon stayed in the van w the cat. It didn't seem to mind the car ride and crawled all over my lap and even put its paws on my arms while looking out the window.

We left the garage door cracked a bit so it could let itself out to go potty (didn't have a litter box). Later that day, we were going to town to have oil changes on both cars and decided to swing by walmart to get some litter box stuff. While we were gone, we shut the garage door and left the cat in it. Nathan was worried that we'd have a mess when we got back but it was just laying on its blanket when we returned and no messes. Once we had the litter box down, a few mins later the kids exclaimed "it pooped!" So litter box trained it is! Yay!

It is still a kitten we think bc it is fairly small and still a little playful. It doesn't shed much (didn't get any hair on my black sweatshirt), is super cute, and is so friendly w all the kids. It even passed the Selah test. Selah was grabbing (more like pinching) it and pulling its tail and the cat never even flinched.

The kids brought it inside every so often today, only into the bathroom, to let it warm up and give it some attention. The cat seemed to love every minute of it, esp when laying on the rug in front of the heat vent. We will take it to the vet on Friday (tomorrow is new years) and get it checked out and then set up a time to get it declawed etc. Then it will be ours and can most likely have a spot in our home.

We NEVER wanted animals inside and always said wed say no to that but there comes a point where we have to put our anal selves aside and have a little fun. Our kids are only young once and Tiernan is already half way out of the house. We aren't on our farm yet, and seeing how much joy and excitement this little kitty is bringing to us and our kids...well, we think it's prob worth it. :)