Saturday, March 30, 2013

24 hour date

Because of the easter weekend, Nathan got 3 days off. What better way to kick start the vacation than with a date night! The kids (ALL of the kids...which btw was Jaeger's first time away from mom overnight ever so needless to say this hasn't happened in well over a year, can't even remember the last time actually...) went to gma and gpas house around 1:00 in the afternoon and shortly after, I left to run some errands. Nathan got off work a tad early so he could catch the chiropractor while he was still open and then after that we were free as two love birds! What to do???

Well, we started the night by driving around town trying to figure out where to eat. First place we stopped, Texas roadhouse, was so busy that there were at least 75 people crowded in the front waiting to be seated, nope! So off we went to Boulders. We'd never been there before and ordered a bunch of appetizers to share...buffalo wings, cheese curds, artichoke dip...ya know, low fat stuff like that ;)

Then it was to the mall to wander and do some shopping. Here comes the crazy part...we closed the mall down! I mean, I know its only 9pm when it closes but it might as well been 2am bc if I'm still awake and kickin after 8, its a good night!!

So after we left there, we picked up a couple movies and headed home. And oh the house was so nice and quiet when we arrived. No kids yelling, no teeth to brush, no pjs to put on, no bedtime stories. Now, don't get me wrong, not that that stuff is all bad, but having a one night break from it all is quite the change of pace!

The morning was just as weird. No kids coming into the room at 5:30am saying good morning, no thumping of feet hitting the floor after jumping down from the kitchen counters, just quietness. Ahhh. We got ready and left for morning errands. The mall (again), thrift store, post office, oh...AND....a coffee stop!!!

Now, if you know Nathan, you know he normally wants NOTHING to do w coffee and rolls his eyes whenever the word is mentioned or even when I say coffee smells good. I was even a little reluctant to ask him to swing past the cafe for me to get one quick. But he sure surprised me! He says "well I can come in with you and get something" uhhhh...."yeah u could get a smoothie or something" "no I think ill try coffee" wwwwhhhhaaaatttttt????? Wait, who are you and what did u do with my husband???  So in we went and I ordered him the same thing as me so that way if he didn't like it, I could drink it :) and also bc I know nothing about coffee except what I order so I have no idea what else there is. So 2 16oz vanilla breves it was. Best part was that they we're only 1.13 a piece..gotta love the 360 cafe!  And you know what the result was? "That wasn't that bad" said Nathan. Wow. That's one giant leap for mankind folks!  I wanted to take a pic of him drinking it for proof but he put it in the floor and wouldn't let me. I put mine in front if him hut he pushed it away. Small steps here people, small steps :)

After our errand running, we grabbed lunch quick on the way back and headed to pick up the crazy kids. Gma and gpa had a busy 24 hours and were ready to take a nap by the time we left. We don't do that often but its sure nice and appreciated when we get the chance to. So thanks again mom and dad for willingly watching our crazy herd of kids. But now they might reconsider the couple days they agreed to over Nathan's birthday. Haha :)

Pic of us before we left.
Crazy hot husband driving me on our date
Pic of Nathan pushing away my coffee :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

First week completed!

Well we made it through the first week of school for the boys! And not once was I late dropping them off or picking them up, which I say is a huge accomplishment in and of itself!....esp since I have to leave the house by 7:20am with 5 kids up, dressed and fed. At first I thought that I would roll out of bed, fed the older boys, and throw the other three in the van and feed them when we got home, but I found myself getting up early (totally a God thing bc I would NEVER do that on my own) getting somewhat ready, and having time to feed all the kids! Then last Wednesday, I joined the Y and plan on going after I drop the kids off at school on M, W, F. I made it twice last week so I'm on track! Although, oh my goodness, I have never been so sore in my life!! My legs hurt so bad that I couldn't even stand up straight without the muscles in my inner thighs pulling, lol. Nathan called me a "sissy" so I felt the need to remind him who delivered all 5 of his babies at home with no meds?...oh yeah, right... ;)

So back to the boys...once they got over the "we are going to school AGAIN?" thing, they were fine. Caedmon told me each day he made more friends and even on the 2nd day, I turned to say bye to Caedmon after they hung up their stuff and he was already in the classroom playing with things. Alrighty! Guess he is doing fine! :). Their teacher sent home the first weeks worth of papers and Tiernan had mostly As, a few A+s, and few Bs of some sort and Caedmon had mostly A+s with a few As. I think for the first week they did okay! One day after I picked up the boys, I asked Tiernan how school was, his reply was "It was AWESOME!!" Great! What made it so awesome? "We had 2 recesses AND lunch!" LOL! You are SUCH a boy!! :)

The home had a little different dynamics without the 2 here. I only had 3... 5 yr old, 3 yr old, & 1 yr old, but it is strangely quiet. A nice strangely quiet. I was even able to take a nap one afternoon! At one point I remember that Jaeg was taking a nap and the other 2 decided on their own to play a card game in the living room and I noticed that all was quiet and i could actually hear the soft radio music that was playing, ahhhh so nice :) also, Ariella and Brayan are learning quickly that they need to be nice to each other because otherwise they have to play by themselves, there is no one else to go to.

So the first week was a success and we are all looking forward to the next few months before summer break!