Thursday, December 20, 2007

Well, we're off!...

Tonight we are leaving for St. Cloud for Christmas break! Nathan's last day of work is today (Thursday the 20th) and he doesn't have to go back until the 2nd of Jan! This will be a very much needed break for him! We thought that we would have plenty of time to just sit and relax and visit family and friends, but it turns out that we will be busy packing and moving the rest of the stuff out of our house because it finally sold! Praise the Lord!! We will close on the 27th! Wow! That will be a big weight off of our shoulders! I am having a 'moving sale' on Sat the 22nd so hopefully we can sell a lot of the stuff we have left so we don't have to move it! Thanks to all of you who have been so kind to help us with our house and help us with everything!

We have tried to get Tiernan even a little bit excited about potty training, but that is getting us no where fast! He wants nothing to do with it! Nathan sat in the bathroom with him the other night for over 2 hours, until 10:30pm! He finally went potty and Nathan put him to bed. Then in the morning when he got up, he still hadn't gone #2 so Nathan put him back on the toilet. After a little while Nathan had to leave for work and since I was not up yet, Nathan put a diaper on Tiernan and what happened next? You got it!....he went in his diaper! Ugh! That was really frustrating for Nathan. So I think we'll keep trying and praying that he'll want to be potty trained!!

Brayan is rolling over now! Man, how the time flies!! He is almost 4 months and a few days ago he rolled from his back to his tummy. Now I can't lay him on the floor without him rolling to his tummy. What a fun little trick he learned!!

Well, I better start packing! Nathan wants the car to be packed when he gets home from work, which means I have a ton of stuff to do yet! I better get going!! If I don't post before Christmas, have a wonderful holiday with family and friends and remember who is the REAL reason for the Season! JESUS CHRIST!! Love, Dawn

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I realized it's been awhile since posting a blog, so I thought that I should get on the ball!! Well, here are a few things going on in our life...

Brayan had a fever yesterday but he was still in a very good mood. Today his fever is down but he's crabby today, go figure! He loves to snuggle, so I've been enjoying just sitting and snuggling my baby! Oh, and his cradle cap is finally ALL gone! We picked it all off (along with all his hair!) but it now looks a ton better and his hair is growing back :-)

Caedmon has been pretty much the same, although a big back tooth is coming in and I don't think he likes it!

Tiernan is his typical crazy self...he wrote all over the wall on Sunday with black permenant marker so if you come to visit, you can see his masterpiece in the hallway :-)

We have been waiting to hear from a couple people that have looked at our house. We heard from one today and they made an offer!!...with a closing date of 12/28!! WOO HOO!! So I think we will accept it. A different couple was pretty serious about it too, so maybe we'll get two offers, who knows? Even though we are taking a huge hit on this house, we are very excited to get rid of it and close that chapter of our lives!! And I think we'll stay away from real estate for awhile :-)

Well, that's all for now...I'll update soon since this wasn't too much. See ya!