Sunday, August 24, 2008

We Now Have 2 One Year Olds!

It's was Brayan's first birthday yesterday!! Since Nathan was working, he didn't too much out of the ordinary, but it still was a nice day! We had ice cream cones outside after nap as a 'treat' and then we came in a made cupcakes! We waited until Nathan came home to eat the cupcakes so we could sing Brayan 'Happy Birthday' and blow out his candle (which Tiernan helped with!) Here are a few pictures of the day!

After enjoying his blueberries :)

Caedmon and Tiernan with their ice cream cones

Brayan enjoying his ice cream cone

Brayan with his cupcake and candle. We had to move it away from him because he kept grabbing for it!

" What is this?" says Brayan.

"Okay, it's not SO bad!"

"Actually, this is kinda fun!"

Monday, August 18, 2008

Thought I'd Make Ya Smile :)

Brayan was finished eating and was fussin' to get down. He had food all over his cheeks (although you can't see it too well in the picture....), he was whining, he's got a big goose egg and bruise in between his eyes on his forehead (ask his brother Tiernan about that one...) and his hair was sticking out on the one side...he was just in rough shape! But as soon as I pulled the camera out, he got a big grin on his face. I just thought I'd share :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fairs and Parks

Last week Wednesday I woke up and couldn't turn my head to the right or tip it back! I figured I needed to go see my chiropractor in St. Cloud. I was getting the kids ready to leave when I thought that it would be a lot easier if Nathan came with me. I called him and he said to wait until the evening and then if it didn't get any better, that we could leave Wed night when he got home from work and he'd take the day off on Thursday. That way he could get adjusted too and we could do a few things that we needed to do in St Cloud anyway.

So we drove to Nathan's parents house on Wed night and since I got a book at the library and read it out loud on the way, the 3 hour trip never went by SO fast!! WOW! I was like 'we are there already?? When usually I'm saying...ugh, this trip is taking forever! :) So that was nice. (By the way, the book was called House by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker--they are Christian authors and if you like scary, thriller type books, then you'd love this one!)

Thursday we saw the chiropractor and did our errands and even made it to the Benton County Fair! We wanted to take the kids there to see the animals and stuff. It was super fun watching them have such a good time looking at all the cows, pigs, birds, etc. We came back home Thursday evening. It was a quick, but enjoyable, trip to St Cloud.

Yesterday, the kids and I went to Clear Lake to play in the park with a lady and her kids that we met at church a couple Sundays ago. She also called a friend that she knew, so there were 3 of us moms there with their kids. Courtney's kids were Breelyn (3) and Newt (2 mos) and Jenny's kids were McKenna (almost 3) and Emma (5 mos). It was SUCH a gorgeous day, couldn't have asked for better weather! We played on the playground for a little while and then had a picnic on the picnic tables. We brought lots of yummy food so that was really fun! Then we went down by the beach to let the kids play in the splash pad and cool themselves off a little.

That's about all going on with us this week. We are talking about moving back to Luverne after labor day so we'll see how that progresses and I'll keep ya posted!
The 4 older kids--Caedmon, Tiernan, Bree, and McKeena

Tiernan getting ready to run when water comes shooting up from that hole!

Tiernan playing by the water and Caedmon keeping a safe distance away :)

Cowboy Tiernan....he LOVES this hat!

At the fair with the baby goats

Don't ask why this is sideways!....Tiernan by the baby pigs

Dirty Brayan at the park

SO cute! Caedmon and Tiernan (Caedmon learned how to say 'cheese' during pictures :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Brayan's pics

We were playing outside on the front lawn...our favorite thing to do now, especially since it's right outside Ms. Donna's door! She is the 81 yr old widow who lives below us. She is SUCH a sweetheart and she ADORES my kids! So she comes out to sit with me while the boys play. And she aknowledges every little thing they do and praise them for everything they give her (rocks, leaves, etc) so they really like her :) I brought my camera out the other day and snapped some pics of Brayan (which was a little difficult because it was really windy and he is ON THE MOVE but here are some I thought turned out SO cute! Maybe these will be his 1 yr pics. Enjoy!

What a cute smile!

He's into sucking on his top lip...this pic shows him doing it :) Still cute though...

Mid-step! He was chasing me so it was hard to get far enough away from him to take the pic before he would come clobber me!

This is my absolute favorite!!! LOVE the pose...good job Brayan!

" See ya later Mom!"

Had to include a pic of these boys too! This was before we got in the van to go to church, Brayan wouldn't sit still for the pic but he too was in plaid with khaki shorts :)