Tuesday, November 25, 2008


YAY! We finally have the internet! We TRIED to go without and just to use the computer at the library when needed but with doing so much online (bills, emails, blogs :) it took too much time away from my family and hubby in the evenings so we decided to just get it! I think it'll be worth it! So that also means that I can finally start updating my blog more!! I plan to try to start tonight after the little munchkins go to bed! And way to vote on my boy/girl poll! At first the girl votes WAY out numbered the boy votes but now boys are starting to catch up!! If you haven't voted, do it!! :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, we are settled and it feels great! We are loving being back and having more space!! Here are some pics from our time in St Cloud. Notice I put up a poll on my site to the right, so you have to participate, I want to see what people think!! :)
Tiernan riding the horse at Coborns :)

This is how Caedmon fell asleep one night after we moved

Caedmon showing his muscles...this is something you HAVE to see in person, it's so cute!

My Three Boys!

Where's Tiernan??

Careful Uncle Jonathan!...Don't drop Caedmon!

Careful Uncle Jonathan, don't drop Tiernan!!

Caedmon and Brayan lookin' at the cows

Tiernan and younger cousin Mercy. (Funny story about Mercy....she's only a couple months older than Caedmon but like her mom says 'she came out talking' so she talks in complete full sentences and sounds WAY older than 2. Anyway, she came up to me when we first saw her and I said 'Do you know what my name is?' And since I've only seen her a couple times in her life (they live in Texas), I told her "I'm Auntie Dawn" She just stares at me and SO seriously (and matter-of-factly) goes "What's your FULL name?!" HA! Gotta love those kids!