Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I thought I would do a post about each of my kids, telling highlights of what they are doing, etc. I'm going to start with Caedmon!
All smiles!

The two things that DEFINE Caedmon: a book and his red tupperware "hat"!! (which he wears ALL the time!! :)

Smelling Hilda's (next door neighbor) flowers

Not too excited about Tiernan's kiss


Caedmon turned 2 on Sept 4th.

He weighs 24.6 lbs and is 2 ft. 9-7/8 inches tall. (I know, skinny little guy! :)

His favorite thing to do is read books. Next favorites would be to line up his matchbox cars in a row, and the same with his farm animals.

He's obsessed with hats and will put anything on his head and call it a hat!

He goes to bed around 8pm, sleeps through the night and will get up around 8am.

He'll (usually) nap for a couple hours during the late morning/early afternoon.

He doesn't have that big of vocabulary yet but he does say 'mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, baby, hat, up, bee, me, cup, go, ball, please, hi, all done (which sounds like 'ah dah', so cute!)....and i'm probably forgetting a bunch but that is what I can think of now!

He uses signs for milk, please, more, book, open and whatever else I show him the sign for, he will copy.

He LOVES to play in the tub, which is quite a difference from a few months ago! If you remember, it was Caedmon who was DEATHLY afraid of water, even the SIGHT of water! Now, I can't keep him out of it!

Breakfast is probably his best eating time of the day. He'll easily put down 2-3 eggs, a couple bananas, and a piece of toast; or 5-6 pancakes.

He's in size 4 diapers and wears size 18-24 mo clothes (mostly). We sit him on the potty (which he likes!) but does nothing and just wants to play in the toilet, so we are not too actively pursuing potty training at this time!

His middle name is Graham, named after my paternal Grandma's maiden name.

He still doesn't have much hair! :) Although in the places where he does have it, it's super fine and gets long.

He's just starting to climb up onto the kitchen counters, looking for something he can get into!

He's still our 'squeeler' which we are constantly trying to stop!

He plays very well independently. Tiernan and Brayan will play together while Caedmon sits on our bed by himself and reads books or sits at the table and lines up his cars.

He loves to strum his 'air guitar' and flex his muscles :) (what a boy!)

He LOVES animals of all shapes and sizes!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another New Niece!!

I talked with my brother-in-law Jonathan today (Nathan's youngest brother) and he told me that they are adopting their foster child!! It should be official at the beginning of November. They have had Savannah living with them for almost 3 years (I think) and are excited to finally make her an official part of the family! Savannah is 16 and we have met her twice during their visits to MN (they live in Texas). You'd think it might be a challenge to raise a 16 yr old teenager when you are only 25 yourselves, but Johnny and Becky are excelling at it!! (They also have 3 little girls that are 4, 2, and 5 mos--Grace, Mercy, & Faith). I will have pics of them when we visit St Cloud in a couple weeks and Jonathan and family will be there as well. I'll post them when we get back! Welcome to the Legatt family Savannah!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Haircut Time!!

Okay, blogger would not let me sort my pics the way I wanted to but I guess it doesn't make too much difference anyway! Brayan has gotten his two front teeth and the two next to them are starting to poke through as well. Here are a few cute pics of him eating an apple! :)

Can't see his top teeth in this picture......


Oh! There they are!! :)

Hopefully this following picture makes you laugh because it sure made me laugh!! It was time to give Brayan a haircut!! After being mistaken for a girl a few times in the last couple weeks, I said enough is enough! (The last time it was at the grocery store and he was even in a BLUE shirt!) I tell ya.....so anyway, here are the before pictures!

(He's got oatmeal on his face, I let him eat/play with it while cutting his hair....)

Look at all that hair!

Here is the after picture! His hair sure couldn't stand up as high as before! He looks like a handsome little boy now!

As if working 12 hour days wasn't enough, Nathan now works 13 hour days, 7 days a week, including Sunday! They are really trying to push to get the job done on schedule (Oct 8th) so they are workin' the guys to the bones! A lot of guys left this job to go work on storm work with the hurricanes so they lost about 30-40 guys. They just brought in about 15 from MN and NE so hopefully they'll get it done on time. We are ready for Nathan to be done working on this job!!! We don't know where we will be moving but pray that it will be in MN. They say there's is 'plenty' of work in MN so that would be nice! Nathan gets home about 8:30pm, says good night to the boys and reads them a story (to who ever is still awake!) then he showers, eats, and does this....

.............poor guy! Just a couple more weeks!!

A week ago Friday, Tiernan was looking out the window and then came up to me and asked "Mom, can we go to the parade?" I said "parade? what parade?" So I looked outside and much to my surprise, there were people lined up in their lawn chairs out by the road! The two little ones were sleeping, so I took Tiernan outside to see what was going on. There were obviously people waiting for a parade to start, but I had no idea why! It was any other Friday afternoon! So I asked the lady that lives in a house behind us and she said it was homecoming! So I came back in to get a blanket and Tiernan and I sat on the curb right in front of our place and watched the parade, full with police cars, firetrucks, bands and CANDY! It was a fun time, especially since we've never lived on a parade route before!

OH! By the way....Go see the movie FIREPROOF this weekend, opening in theaters Sept 26th (Friday). From what I hear it is an AMAZING movie and you can learn more about it, see trailers, etc at www.fireproofthemovie.com Support this film (ESPECIALLY on opening weekend when all the 'numbers' count!) We need more like it!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

There's a First For Everything!

Last week, Darren and his family stopped by to visit quick on their way back to St Cloud. It was nice to see them and Tiernan especially was super excited to see William! We ate at the Pizza Ranch in town before they left and the kids had a good time! I wasn't able to get any good pics of them or the kids while they were here, so if you wanted to see one, you need to check out Darren's blog (the link is on the right of my blog).

Caedmon turned 2 last week as well (on the 4th!) We celebrated with ice cream cones when Nathan got home. Now my kids are back to being all different ages :) 3, 2 and 1 :)

Nathan's been keeping busy with work. He still works 7 days a week, 12 hours m-sat and then 10 hours on sunday. Even with a couple rain days and taking a day off in August, he still worked 293 hours in August!! (Most 'normal' people work around 160). We are thinking we will be here until the end of this job, which will probably be in october sometime.

He got off early yesterday because of the rain so it was super nice having him home longer on sunday! We went to Mason city to do some quick shopping and during our trip, we were asked a question that I haven't heard yet....."Are they triplets?" HAHAHA!! :) I was busy picking out some grapes and all I heard was Nathan say "Nope, they are all seperate." I turned around to find an older lady smiling at all my kids and then she said "Oh, they sure look like it." We smiled and she continued on her way. After she was gone, I asked Nathan "Did she ask if they were twins?" (Everywhere we go, we usually get at least 2 people ask if Caedmon and Brayan are twins, so I was assuming this was the same) But then Nathan says "Nope, she asked if they were triplets" Hehe...this made me laugh! It was a first!! Tiernan and Caedmon were riding in the cart and Nathan was holding Brayan so I guess she couldn't really see that Tiernan is a little bigger than Brayan :) It was funny though....

Nathan and "the triplets" before heading into town....

Me and Caedmon (the other boys weren't paying attention to the camera :)

Brayan :)

He was laughing so hard!

Sitting in the cupboard

Caedmon with his birthday cone!

After it was blown out

I painted my nails to look like a french manicure...pretty good for an ametuer huh? hehe :)

Nathan with the boys

Monday, September 1, 2008

What a Weekend!!!

We left last Thursday night after work and headed up to St Cloud for the weekend. Nathan took Friday and Saturday off so we could have a 4 day weekend with the holiday.

Friday: We spent time at my parents house just relaxing, going on the boat, and playing outside. Friday evening we went to our friends house for supper and had a blast just fellowshipping and chatting.

Saturday: Nathan and I got to have a DATE DAY!!!! We left the kids with my parents and started the day out with massages!! After those we went shopping for a few minutes and then went to eat. Next we went out to St Johns to walk around. We did about half of the chapel walk and decided it was time to turn around....it's a long way out there!! :) After St Johns we drove through some houses in St Joe and actually found where one of my friends from high school lives and stopped in for a bit to say hi to him and his wife. Next, we went to a movie, then dinner, and ended the evening with some bowling!! It was so much fun! I won both games :) But I am STILL sore!! Maybe we should have got our massages after we went bowling! We slept over at Nathan's parents house who were gone for the weekend and after we grabbed lunch on Sunday, we made it back to my parents house! It was such a nice time with just the two of us!! We haven't been away from the kids for that long since we've had kids so after over 3-1/2 years, we thought it was time!!

Sunday: Relaxed for a couple hours at my parents house while the kids napped and then headed to our other friends house for the evening. Again, it was a great time of fellowship and food and football and just hanging out!

Monday: Went to Nathan's parents house for lunch and then headed back home! We thought the traffic would be bad so we left early. When we were stopped on the interstate in Albertville, we thought that we would have a long drive through the cities but it actually only took us 13 more minutes to get home than it did to get there, so it wasn't that bad!!

Grandpa Ron and Tiernan napping...so sweet

Grandpa and Grandma with Brayan and Caedmon

On the chapel walk

Relaxing at St Johns

Tiernan with Grandpa on the little four wheeler

Don't you LOVE our bowling shoes?!?

Will it be a strike??? (probably not...hehe :)

Can I get the spare??

Proof that I won! :) (Notice we both got 2 strikes and both got the last one in the 10th frame!!)

On our way to bowling

This is Tiernan with the sweet Ms Donna that lives below us. Last week she said that she wanted to get a professional photographer over because she wants a picture of "her other family" and then she said "I love you guys like you were my own" Awww...she's so sweet! Caedmon calls her Grandma Donna :)