Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bullet updates

Here are some bullets from our recent days:

Nathan went on storm on Monday to WI for a back at 1am and then had to go to the cities to work again the next morning.

Saw my midwife Ruth yesterday.  I am 38+3 wks and measured at 33wks fundal height.  I was at a 2.5-3 centimeters dilated but she stretched me out to a 4cm and 50% effaced, although the cervix is still pretty far back.  We were hoping that'd push me into labor, but here I sit the next day and still no labor :(   ...although I have been losing bloody mucous this morning so hopefully that is a good sign, although I know that doesn't always mean anything.   I feel like my belly is lower, which is the same feeling I had the day I went into labor with we will have to see.  At my 36wk appt, I was dilated to 2.5, 25% effaced and baby was at a 3+ station....which is pretty much on it's way out and as low as you can possibly go.  But yesterday Ruth said that she thinks that baby is even lower!  What?!  I am *literally* sitting on my baby's head.  Hopefully it won't be long!!  My sister guesses today, Ariella guesses tomorrow, I guessed Friday (it's wed today) and Nathan guessed is one of us right?!  My due date is next saturday...but I'm REALLY hoping she doesn't wait that long bc Ruth is leaving for vacation the day before and I don't really want fill-in midwives to be here.  So anyway....I will have to continue this story later!!!  (my belly measurement around is 43inches)

Nathan got called out on storm again this morning before he left for work.  This time to Brainerd though so at least he'll be close, even closer than the cities.  They said it might take 4-5 days, apparently they got hit pretty hard with the storms that went through.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Beach Ball

33 beach ball!!

Ariella, my little diva :)

She obviously gets that from her siblings!!!  Trying to sneak water from the Berkey without using a cup!!  Little stinker!!  Up on her very tippy toes!!

 The kids had a "contest" to see who could rub mom's feet the best. They took turns and even did it in "heats".   Let me say that 1) they all did great and 2) it was one of the best contests ever!!

 Yay, the new chickens arrived and yay, they aren't dead!! :)

Laundry room redo

Yeah, I was thrilled when Tiernan brought this snake *inside* to show me.... It was cool though to see how it "bit" him and then got his teeth stuck in Tiernan's glove :)

Just breathe.... That's one massive fort...and they better clean it up! 

So my laundry room was getting to be a disaster area where stuff was just placed if it didn't have somewhere else to go.  It isn't big at all, which isn't all bad bc only a certain amt of stuff can fit in it...but also bc of it's size, it doesn't take much for it to look cluttered, etc.  So it was time to do something about it!!  I took some contact paper and re-covered my boxes, got rid of some stuff, re-arranged other stuff and voila!  I have a beautiful, functional space again!!'



Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Lucky Reunion

33.3 weeks

Selah found out what happens when you walk in front of your brother swinging :(

My patio out at the land!  Love it.  Gives me a nice shady area to sit and for the littles to play that's not in the dirt!

 The kids were re-united with Lucky!!  They were SOOO excited and looked forward to that visit for a long time.  (We gave Lucky to our old neighbors out by the land...and we were very glad they took him so we could visit...and best of all, they love him too!)

Selfies and a sore foot

Just one little thing I don't think I'll miss too much when this pregnancy is over!!!  My poor foot!! Gross!!

Fun at Capital One and Dead Chicks?

It's not always fun bringing all the kids to Capital One to get a treat, but this day the kids were enjoying themselves and making the girls there laugh.  And we only had one split drink! ;)

 We decided to get chickens this year and try having them out on our land.  We were excited to get the call from the post office to tell us that they had arrived....but we were told when they called that ALL of the chickens were dead!!  What?!?!

I brought them home and Brayan says to me "Mom!!...How come you bought *dead* chickens?!" Haha :)  (The good thing was that we got more the next week and they were all alive this time)

The boys working hard at the land, helping dad!

Just another day tackling dad!

Baby London

A little over a month ago now, I was super blessed to be apart of my friend Melissa's birth of her 7th child!!  This was her second birth I was able to be at and it was so wonderful!  She had been trying to hold out til 36 weeks so she could have another home birth, but just a few days shy, baby was too excited to come into the world, and she ended up with a hospital birth.  It was a great experience for me to be a part of though since I've never been in a hospital for a birth before!

Her water broke at home on Thursday, May 28th around 4:30 and they headed to the hospital shortly after.  She figured it would be a long night, so I stayed home and slept and just waited to hear from her.  She texted me in the morning and I decided to head in.

Getting to the hospital around 7am, I found Melissa and Devin just chilling in the room, waiting for progression to happen!  We waited and waited, walked and waited some more.  Come on baby!!  Things finally started picking up in the evening and just when Devin and I thought we'd get comfy on the couch and the chair, Melissa got very uncomfortable and the nurse said "it's time to have a baby!".

Exactly at the stroke of midnight on Friday evening/Saturday morning, London Angela Grace was born!!  She was so super tiny at 5lbs 7oz.  Everyone's healthy, yay!!