Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bullet updates

Here are some bullets from our recent days:

Nathan went on storm on Monday to WI for a back at 1am and then had to go to the cities to work again the next morning.

Saw my midwife Ruth yesterday.  I am 38+3 wks and measured at 33wks fundal height.  I was at a 2.5-3 centimeters dilated but she stretched me out to a 4cm and 50% effaced, although the cervix is still pretty far back.  We were hoping that'd push me into labor, but here I sit the next day and still no labor :(   ...although I have been losing bloody mucous this morning so hopefully that is a good sign, although I know that doesn't always mean anything.   I feel like my belly is lower, which is the same feeling I had the day I went into labor with we will have to see.  At my 36wk appt, I was dilated to 2.5, 25% effaced and baby was at a 3+ station....which is pretty much on it's way out and as low as you can possibly go.  But yesterday Ruth said that she thinks that baby is even lower!  What?!  I am *literally* sitting on my baby's head.  Hopefully it won't be long!!  My sister guesses today, Ariella guesses tomorrow, I guessed Friday (it's wed today) and Nathan guessed is one of us right?!  My due date is next saturday...but I'm REALLY hoping she doesn't wait that long bc Ruth is leaving for vacation the day before and I don't really want fill-in midwives to be here.  So anyway....I will have to continue this story later!!!  (my belly measurement around is 43inches)

Nathan got called out on storm again this morning before he left for work.  This time to Brainerd though so at least he'll be close, even closer than the cities.  They said it might take 4-5 days, apparently they got hit pretty hard with the storms that went through.

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