Thursday, July 9, 2015

Laundry room redo

Yeah, I was thrilled when Tiernan brought this snake *inside* to show me.... It was cool though to see how it "bit" him and then got his teeth stuck in Tiernan's glove :)

Just breathe.... That's one massive fort...and they better clean it up! 

So my laundry room was getting to be a disaster area where stuff was just placed if it didn't have somewhere else to go.  It isn't big at all, which isn't all bad bc only a certain amt of stuff can fit in it...but also bc of it's size, it doesn't take much for it to look cluttered, etc.  So it was time to do something about it!!  I took some contact paper and re-covered my boxes, got rid of some stuff, re-arranged other stuff and voila!  I have a beautiful, functional space again!!'



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