Monday, January 20, 2014

Days of Organization

So I have been in an organization mode the last couple weeks and I thought I'd post some pics of my progress so far!  I got alot of inspiration from the site  Even though I know my home will never look like hers (enter LOTS of kids...), I am happy with my results and it's given me more confidence in my belief that less is TOTALLY more!!

Here is my pantry/storage closet:  Before on left, After on right.....
(for some reason my curser wont let me type under those pics so below the 3 pantry pics is my under the sink plastic storage containers (note:....keep your tops *with the much easier!), and then my cup cupboard & plates/bowls

Baking cabinet......

Some after pictures:  spices, measuring cups, & protein powder.  And my bookcase rainbow style. love it

Utensil drawer.....

After silverware drawer.....

Kids' money containers and office organization

Coffee & drink shelf, small appliances, vitamins  (notice that when you organize and only keep what you use, you have empty shelves!)

bigger pots and my "office" section

I love living organized!  Makes life a little (or for me, A LOT) less stressful :) I'm sure there will be more coming!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

10 year anniversary!

Last Friday, the 17th, was our 10 year wedding anniversary!! Wow!! TEN years! Can't believe it! On one hand, it seems like it's been forever, and on the other, it seems like it was just yesterday, it's crazy!
We didn't really do anything on Friday since Nathan didn't get home til about 9:30pm, but we had plans to go to supper on Saturday. 
Saturday morning, Caedmon and I left to get Nathan's oil changed in his car. They closed shortly after our appt but recommended we get new tires bc the cords started showing thru the tire. Great... And also needed a new battery bc of corrosion and low charge. 
I needed to get Caedmon over to a birthday party at 1, and on the way we picked up a couple of Melissa's kids and brought them too. Once i dropped them off, I found a place that would replace Nathan's tires, then over to the get his battery replaced! Whew! Like that was the way I wanted to spend my few hours by myself! (minus the baby). So I swing by Melissa's, got the baby fed and off to pick up the boys from the party.
Mom and dad came over to our place between 4:30 & 5 and we were off to dinner!
Like always, we had a hard time deciding where to go! We finally settled on Nicks Third Floor since we had never been there before. Well, even though we are huge on supporting restaurants that have local, made from scratch ingredients, we just couldn't stand that atmosphere!! They really need to change locations. And our waiter (who we only saw once bc we left before he brought us our water....since it we were waiting forever) was sweating so bad, he had beads of sweat running down his face! Gross! Anyway, we made a quick decision to go to Cafe Renaissance!  And it was the best decision ever!  I forgot how much I loved that place! It's so fancy, the ambiance is perfect & romantic, the piano music is beautiful and the food is delicious! I ordered the same thing as the first time we went there, cafe shrimp pasta, and Nathan went out on a limb and got to osso busco (sp?), which is lamb (including the bone marrow in the none which he loved!) with the lobster bisque soup. He said it was amazing. 
We left there and swing thru Culvers to get our snicker concrete mixer dessert. We have a wonderful evening chatting and laughing. We even left the baby home so it truly was a tiny get-a-way for just us. Can't wait for the next 10 years!

Nathan's food


In the Culvers drive thru

FPU kick off

Tonight was the first night of my own FPU class!! It went great and I'm looking forward to the following weeks!

Tiernan went with some friends from school to a basketball game (for school) in brainerd! The mom of the friend called me and asked if Tiernan could come with. She'd take the kids from school, go to the game, take the kids out to eat and then bring him home! When I called Nathan to ask his opinion if he could go or not, tears came to my eyes when I explained it. My baby is growing up! Part of me was sad at this realization and part of me was jumping for joy!! :) as you can call, he had a great time!

Check out this girls eyes....

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Facebook Status--December

Dec 16
Seriously awesome!! If you haven't, try out the free trial of Plan To Eat!!! And then I'm pretty sure if you use it, you'll want to subscribe after the trial is over!! (which is very reasonable) It's so neat and so smart and such a time saver!!! Wow...!!! Just click on the link below!

Dec 17
At my last count, we have 347 little people/animals. Lol!!!

Dec 17
Tiernan quoting 1 Corinthians 13:1-10 KJV by memory for school :)

Dec 21
To past and present nursing mommas....What's your favorite nursing bra and where did you get it??

Dec 21
Listening to A Robertson Family good!! I just found out they made a Christmas CD called Duck the Halls. I knew Missy could sing but so can Jase, Willie, Sadie, Reed...! Jase & Missy singing Baby, Its Cold Outside is so cute!!

Dec 21
I've taken one nap since my baby's been born. She is 7.5 weeks. Today would be a day that a nap would be nice. #thismommastired

Dec 25--from Sara
Anyone know someone who needs an ironing board? Darren got a new iron and ironing board (and he knows how to use it, Dawn Legatt :)) Merry Christmas everyone!  (Because at Cmas, Caedmon wanted Gma to iron his melty beads for him and I said "Caedmon, I'll do it"  And he goes "You will??  You have an iron thing??"  and then I said yes, laughing and he goes "And you know how to use it???" :)  I obviously don't iron a lot at home ;)

Dec 27
Make 2014 the year you tell your money where to GO instead of wondering where it WENT!!! Join me for Financial Peace University starting Jan 14th at Shepherd of the Pines Church in Rice! PM me for details or sign up via the link!

Dec 31
Great article! --What to pay a babysitter

Facebook Status--November

Nov 1
9 of our dozen--from Melissa
Photo: 9 of our Dozen.

Nov 3
For all you birth junkies  Selah's birth story...

Nov 7
Our pretty princess 
Photo: Our pretty princess :)

Nov 10
Selah's Birth Pics

Nov 11
First day of my new normal...

Nov 13
Even though we lived in Seward NE for only 7 months and it was 4 years ago, I miss all my Seward family!! You know who you are!!  Some day we will visit...promise!!

Nov 14
Ok local ladies!!..who'd be interested in a clothing swap?? A 'ladies night out' with sipping coffee and chatting while trying on 'new' clothes for FREE!! Great way to get rid of some clothes that you're either tired of or don't fit and replace them with different ones!! "Like" this or leave a comment & let me know if you'd consider it,Melissa and I would like to get one started!!

Nov 14
$10 off coupon for aldi!!! Good thru tomorrow! Google it and you'll find it  print a couple off and pass them out in the parking lot & bless someone else too! 

Nov 14
BFFs :)
Photo: Lauren 5wks in the pink bow and Selah 2wks in the purple :)

Photo: Lauren (5 wks) on the left and Selah (2 wks) on the right :)

Lauren 5 wks, Selah 2 wks

Nov 15
Not sure how I made it thru my first 31 years without Melissa!! She's been a huge blessing to me!! Love ya girl!

Nov 23--From Sara
Selah, wake up!  (Nathan and I went to a movie!!  First time ever leaving my newborn....EVER!!!  She did great!  And we saw Thor 2)

Photo: Selah, wake up!

Nov 24
For those of u who are like me & have kids that are similar in size & have a hard time knowing which pile to put the clothes in when doing laundry, mark the oldest child's clothes w an "x" (on the tag etc) then the next oldest child's w "xx" and so forth. Then when the oldest child grows out of their clothes, u just need to add an x and pass it down!! This has helped me tremendously!! 

Nov 25
The next FPU class has been set!!! Join me for a life changing class where you'll learn how to set up a budget, get out of debt, and build a legacy! Starting Jan 14th at 6:30pm at Shepherd of the Pines church in Rice! All are welcome! Message me for details or questions!

Nov 28
This kid's so cute I can hardly stand it!  Jaeger 21mos.
Photo: This kid's so cute I can hardly stand it! :) Jaeger 21mos.

Nov 30
Selah, 4 wks
Photo: Selah 4 weeks

Nov 30

Facebook Status--October

Oct 2
My banks website is down for maintenance!...Makes this nerd very antsy! I live for Wednesdays so I can budget and allocate!! lol!! Hurry up, website!! 

Oct 6
Attended my first home birth today that wasn't my own! SO amazing and *such* an honor to be part of their special day! Melissa, you were a *rock star*!!!

Oct 6
Let's bless Melissa & family with some yummy meals! Sign up to bring them one and I'm sure you can sneak a peek of that sweet new babe of theirs!  ( SaraBecky,BarbaraAngelHannah,...please pass on to others that know Melissa!)

Oct 9
Start of week 38! You can tell I'm real amused...time to get this baby out! 
Photo: Start of week 38! You can tell I'm real amused...time to get this baby out! :)

Oct 10
Here's my money saving tip of the day!!...esp for those of you with kids who need clothes... Donate some stuff to Salvation Army & get a 25% off coupon, shop on Tuesdays & note the colored tag that's 50% off, find kids clothes with that colored tag, and use your coupon at checkout. You'll get 50% off for the color tag, 50% off that bc it's "toddler tues" & another 25% off that bc your coupon. You just purchased your stuff 81.25% off regular thrift store price!! Wowzers!! *love* Tuesdays at SA!!

Oct 14
Anyone wanting to sell their Moby wrap?

Oct 17
Looking for a last minute sitter for a few hours give this very pregnant momma a little break...any recommendations??

Oct 17
Really, *really* hope this is my last belly picture! Beginning of week 39.!
Photo: Really, *really* hope this is my last belly picture! Beginning of week 39.!

Oct 18
I posted this a couple years ago but this time of year makes me want to make it again! So I thought I'd share. Yummy!! Enjoy!!

Oct 21
"Mom...when your belly's flat, *then* can you play football??" --Brayan

Oct 23
Most of the day to myself?!?!....what?!?!?....I have no idea what to do with my time!! lol!! Huge thanks to Melissa for offering to take my little kids during the day PLUS picking up the others from school so I can have til the evening A.L.O.N.E! (Well, except for my youngest child who obviously is very comfortable in the womb! lol!)

Oct 25
I will be walking the mall this morning...if anyone wants to join me 

Oct 28
Ok, time to start taking bets...when's this baby coming?? I obviously have no idea since I thought a couple weeks ago! My actual 'due date' is Wednesday... And how big??

Leah--I say tomorrow afternoon and I don't care how big as long as she arrives before Thursday so I can hold her!! 
Michelle--I would hope for you sooner rather than later, like tonight (being that I totally get the waiting game thing, having recently finished said game myself) you will have a nice little 7lb 2 oz baby girl. Wades guesstimate for a birthday was Nov. 7...I told him that is not nice.
Becky-- I will say Friday, 7lbs 4oz
Sara--I think she's waiting for Auntie Leah to come. I'll go for 7-1 on 11-1.
Amy--Keep walking! A lot!!!!!!!

Oct 30
Born on her due date! After a record fast labor, we welcomed Selah Prayse into our family early this morning. She's 6lbs 12oz and 19.75in long. Both mom and baby are doing wonderful 

Oct 30 --from mom
Sign up and pick a day to bless Dawn and family with a meal after the birth of Selah! Please pass on to others that you know would like to be a blessing as well. I know they'll appreciate it 

Oct 31
Introducing Selah Prayse  We love her!!
Photo: Introducing Selah Prayse :) We love her!!

Facebook Status--September

Sept 1
Most favorite tomato soup canning recipe & spaghetti sauce recipe...ready go! 

Sept 1 --from Ana
With my "brother" Caedmon at his birthday party.  What a fun day! — with Dawn Legatt.
Photo: With my "brother" Caedmon at his birthday party.  =) What a fun day!

Sept 3
1 year anniversary of the purchase of your home tomorrow!!!!! Love u both!!!! — feeling happy. --From Jesse Goszala

Sept 4
Theres still time to sign up for Financial Peace University!! Let me know by this coming Sunday (8th) if you'd like to join us for 9 week, life changing course on how to manage your finances and get out of debt! Starts sept 17th at 6pm at the St. Cloud federal credit union!

Sept 4
My handsome Irish twins off to school! Brayan's first day of K and Caedmons 2nd day of 1st grade...and his birthday! Their 2 weeks of being the same age is over, C is now 7!
Photo: My handsome Irish twins off to school! Brayan's first day of K and Caedmons 2nd day of 1st grade...and his birthday! Their 2 weeks of being the same age is over, C is now 7!

And the oldest 2. Too bad I didn't get all 3 together! Maybe tomorrow. This mama can only remember so many things! Lol!

Photo: And the oldest 2. Too bad I didn't get all 3 together! Maybe tomorrow. This mama can only remember so many things! Lol!

Sept 10
Our 3rd one full along with several trips with a smaller tote!
Photo: Our 3rd one full along with several trips with a smaller tote!

Sept 12
So hard to stop nesting in order to deal with my massive amount of produce!!!#justwannaclean

Sept 12--from Sara
Thanks to the wives who shared their husbands to help clear some Buckthorn last weekend. I can't believe what a big job that is!

Sept 16
Anyone free for 15-30mins tomorrow night and wants to come hang out with my kids?? I need to leave at 5 & my help won't get here til, that leaves me in a slight bind...lemme know if you're up for a few mins of fun! 

Sept 17
Anyone interested in homegrown, organic tomatoes? We are selling some, .90/lb. first come, first served 

Sept 19
The pastor/principal at my kids' school last night told me that the boys are "such a blessing" to have and that they are "so sweet" and have "so much self control". Ha!! boys??? It was nice to hear they behave *outside* of the home 

Sept 19
The Legacy Journey...the next series after FPU!! So excited to take/host it sometime soon!! Anyone graduated from FPU that would be interested in the "what's next" stage? Love the trailer! Check it out on Dave's site or google it!!

Sept 19
If you are wondering who this 'Dave Ramsey' is that I keep talking about and what he teaches, you can listen to his radio show anywhere, anytime using the iheartradio app, the Dave Ramsey app, or on his website!

Sept 23
So I want to get a book study group going on Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover!! I'm thinking of limiting it to 5 couples so we can keep it small & intimate. If you would be interested in doing something like this, please message me!! Details will be figured out based on what works best for those who want to be a part of the group!

Sept 29
Still in the process of getting a small book study group together to work through Dave Ramsey's book The Total Money Makeover. Once a week for 6 weeks is what I'm thinking. Message me to get in on this life changing group!!!

Facebook Status--July

July 3
A shout out to Dawn Legatt..... Thank u for coming to dinner with me last night:) I love u and I have been so blessed by your wisdom and life advice:) u do the job of ten people and I am daily in awe of u!! Love u, sister♥  (from Hannah)

July 5
This was taken on Monday, at the start of week 24. 
Photo: This was taken on Monday, at the start of week 24. :)

July 8
Making supper: Ariella walks in and says "I smell GOODNESS!" Ha, love her!

July 10
Registration completed for next school year! Excited to try out a new school!!

July 12
My HTC OneX arrived back fixed & ready to the question is switch back or continue using my iPhone 4??

July 13
Yep, I fit *69* items in a small grocery bag at the once upon a child bag sale!! Pd $15, averaged .21 a piece! And THAT'S how you thrift shop 

July 14 (This is from Leah but I thought the pic was too good not to have on record :) And the pic would be my dad :)
Never too old for a rope swing! — with Darren McKeever and Dawn Legatt. ...
Photo: Never too old for a rope swing!

July 27
CafĂ© Renaissance. A-mazing!! Perfect romantic date ambiance and delicious food!! So happy we tried it and now I feel like we've been missing out!!  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful relaxing dinner date location!!

Facebook Status--June

June 3
Only hopped on here to post a requested pic. This was taken this morning before my ultrasound at end of week 19, beginning of week 20! 
Photo: Only hopped on here to post a requested pic. This was taken this morning before my ultrasound at end of week 19, beginning of week 20! :)

June 3

June 5
I am having WAY too big of a GINORMOUS garage sale tomorrow!! There's so much of everything I can hardly believe it. clothes coming out of our ears, toys galore, household, shoes, books, craft supplies, new creative memories albums & stuff, SO MUCH STUFF!!! And dirt cheap! Most clothes are .50! Plus, Tiernan is manning a snack stand to help support our compassion intl child. 5798 Glenview Ln, St Cloud. 1/4 mile West of Westwood church off Veterans Dr. watch for big pink signs!

June 6
We are open!!! The garage is PACKED, the driveway is PACKED and we are ready to get rid of stuff!! Stop by and I promise you'll get good deals!!  5798 glenview Ln, West of Westwood off veterans, pink signs!

June 6
How can you resist??
Photo: How can you resist?? :)

June 7
This was yesterday and we are at it again starting at 7:30! Still a TON left so come over!!
Photo: This was yesterday and we are at it again starting at 7:30! Still a TON left so come over!!


June 7
STILL putting out new stuff since I didn't have any room for it yesterday! Still time to get some great deals!!

June 18
Phone died. Have no contacts. If I had ur number before, please either message me or text me w ur number(s) so I can replace it. Thanks!

June 21
Instead of welcoming my hubby home this evening after not seeing him all week, he's heading straight to the cities to help restore power. If you see a lineman today, give 'em a hug!! These guys work hard!!

June 22
Tiernan and I took a date to the cities to visit Nathan. As we are watching him work up in the bucket to repair the power lines, Tiernan says "why can't he just have a normal working at Home Depot or Sam's Club or something?"  Ya know, Buddy, I feel the same way sometimes.

June 23
Never, EVER, have I been able to get away for not one but TWO whole days with only ONE child before!! A huge thanks to Hannah, Haley & my parents, Tiernan & I are enjoying a wknd away to visit Dad in the cities while he works storm. (Even tho he's working over 16 hr days, we like seeing him when he gets back  )

June 27
After working over 108 hrs in the past 7 days to help restore power in the metro, my hubby is finally coming home tonight!!

Facebook Status--May

May 2
If anyone knows anyone in Sioux Falls with an extra bedroom to sleep in, let me know asap!! 

May 5
Anyone have a clothes hanger/rack that I could borrow for a garage sale?

May 6
N D T C B A J _ ?

May 7
For those of you not very good at decoding...the last post was to say that I am pregnant 

May 14
Recently, we've had a couple young ladies move in with us. Tonight, while I sat outside in the warm breeze, one rubbed my back while the other made supper. I think I can get used to this!!!

May 17
 my little people collection so far! Makes me happy 
Photo: I <3 my little people collection so far! Makes me happy :)

May 19
Calvary Sunday school still going on for the kids?

May 28
I am taking my husband up on a challenge he presented me and I'm signing off of FB for a month!! If you want to keep up with us, you can follow the 'old fashioned' way via my blog lol  I plan to post there more often without FB. And for those of you wondering, no I am not showing yet and yes, we will find out sex of baby next Monday!! G'bye for now!!

New Years Eve Date

Well, the whole family got in on the date we had on New Years Eve to celebrate the New Year and that Daddy was home with us for a whole week and a half!  We stopped at 360 Cafe (only our *favorite place in town to get coffee!  Super cheap and super yummy!) to get coffee for mom and dad and smoothies for the kiddos!  They opted to get strawberry/mango mix...mmmm... And were nice enough to give us 2 smoothies in 4 cups :)  Jaeger just sipped on everyone's and had fun being mischievous behind the couches.

Then we headed over to mom and dads where the kids had a sleepover!  They were so excited!  They told us they were going to make cookies and watch a movie!...which they did.  And once they were all settled in over there, Nathan and I (and Selah) went to a friends house (other parents from the school the kids attend), where they were having a big gathering to play games and to ring in the new year.  Nathan, of course, got a game of "spoons" going....which I think most people have a love/hate relationship with.  There were a few people that loved playing, but ended up with hurt fingers or hands trying to grab the spoons.  It came with lots of laughs like always though.  Then we played some Catch Phrase which most people hadn't played before so it was a new hit among some!  That was followed by a few rounds of Farkel.  Besides it being freezing cold in the house (their old house doesn't have insulation), it was a nice time.  We ate, laughed, and fellowshipped til the New Year arrived.  We were the last ones out the door at 12:30.  We went home, crashed, and wished we didn't have to get up in the morning.

But we did and Nathan was off to my parents to go get some new dressers for us from some friends of theirs.  This is one piece of it.  They originally brought it downstairs in T & C's room but once I got home and saw it, I thought it was way too nice to be where they can destroy it.  So after much begging, my handsome hubby helped me carry it back upstairs to our room.  I love it! (although its not black!...)

When Nathan was busy getting this and others and going back to my parents to be with the kids, I went to Salvation Army and did my annual clothes shopping when all their clothes are half off!  I got some stuff for me and the kids, plus I found some black boots that were also half off.  Can't beat that!