Thursday, January 9, 2014

Facebook Status--November

Nov 1
9 of our dozen--from Melissa
Photo: 9 of our Dozen.

Nov 3
For all you birth junkies  Selah's birth story...

Nov 7
Our pretty princess 
Photo: Our pretty princess :)

Nov 10
Selah's Birth Pics

Nov 11
First day of my new normal...

Nov 13
Even though we lived in Seward NE for only 7 months and it was 4 years ago, I miss all my Seward family!! You know who you are!!  Some day we will visit...promise!!

Nov 14
Ok local ladies!!..who'd be interested in a clothing swap?? A 'ladies night out' with sipping coffee and chatting while trying on 'new' clothes for FREE!! Great way to get rid of some clothes that you're either tired of or don't fit and replace them with different ones!! "Like" this or leave a comment & let me know if you'd consider it,Melissa and I would like to get one started!!

Nov 14
$10 off coupon for aldi!!! Good thru tomorrow! Google it and you'll find it  print a couple off and pass them out in the parking lot & bless someone else too! 

Nov 14
BFFs :)
Photo: Lauren 5wks in the pink bow and Selah 2wks in the purple :)

Photo: Lauren (5 wks) on the left and Selah (2 wks) on the right :)

Lauren 5 wks, Selah 2 wks

Nov 15
Not sure how I made it thru my first 31 years without Melissa!! She's been a huge blessing to me!! Love ya girl!

Nov 23--From Sara
Selah, wake up!  (Nathan and I went to a movie!!  First time ever leaving my newborn....EVER!!!  She did great!  And we saw Thor 2)

Photo: Selah, wake up!

Nov 24
For those of u who are like me & have kids that are similar in size & have a hard time knowing which pile to put the clothes in when doing laundry, mark the oldest child's clothes w an "x" (on the tag etc) then the next oldest child's w "xx" and so forth. Then when the oldest child grows out of their clothes, u just need to add an x and pass it down!! This has helped me tremendously!! 

Nov 25
The next FPU class has been set!!! Join me for a life changing class where you'll learn how to set up a budget, get out of debt, and build a legacy! Starting Jan 14th at 6:30pm at Shepherd of the Pines church in Rice! All are welcome! Message me for details or questions!

Nov 28
This kid's so cute I can hardly stand it!  Jaeger 21mos.
Photo: This kid's so cute I can hardly stand it! :) Jaeger 21mos.

Nov 30
Selah, 4 wks
Photo: Selah 4 weeks

Nov 30

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