Thursday, January 9, 2014

Facebook Status--July

July 3
A shout out to Dawn Legatt..... Thank u for coming to dinner with me last night:) I love u and I have been so blessed by your wisdom and life advice:) u do the job of ten people and I am daily in awe of u!! Love u, sister♥  (from Hannah)

July 5
This was taken on Monday, at the start of week 24. 
Photo: This was taken on Monday, at the start of week 24. :)

July 8
Making supper: Ariella walks in and says "I smell GOODNESS!" Ha, love her!

July 10
Registration completed for next school year! Excited to try out a new school!!

July 12
My HTC OneX arrived back fixed & ready to the question is switch back or continue using my iPhone 4??

July 13
Yep, I fit *69* items in a small grocery bag at the once upon a child bag sale!! Pd $15, averaged .21 a piece! And THAT'S how you thrift shop 

July 14 (This is from Leah but I thought the pic was too good not to have on record :) And the pic would be my dad :)
Never too old for a rope swing! — with Darren McKeever and Dawn Legatt. ...
Photo: Never too old for a rope swing!

July 27
Café Renaissance. A-mazing!! Perfect romantic date ambiance and delicious food!! So happy we tried it and now I feel like we've been missing out!!  I would recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful relaxing dinner date location!!

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