Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Day!

Today was a nice and relaxed Christmas Day. The day consisted of opening presents in the morning, Nathan pretty much making cmas dinner for us & his parents (ham, chateau potatoes, & broccoli/cauliflower bake), and playing games. (I won most of the rounds of our new Duck Dynasty game btw :) )

Selah in her new cupcake-butt out it from Gma barb. 

Mary taking a little "10 min" snooze on our couch. Dinner musta been that good!!

Yesterday was had cmas eve at my parents. It was snack type food for lunch, church at 3, traditional fondue supper, and presents after. The kids had a blast and I even got my dad & brother & SIL to play a game! We tried out our new wits & wagers game. They liked it more than we did, but it was fun :)

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