Monday, January 20, 2014

Days of Organization

So I have been in an organization mode the last couple weeks and I thought I'd post some pics of my progress so far!  I got alot of inspiration from the site  Even though I know my home will never look like hers (enter LOTS of kids...), I am happy with my results and it's given me more confidence in my belief that less is TOTALLY more!!

Here is my pantry/storage closet:  Before on left, After on right.....
(for some reason my curser wont let me type under those pics so below the 3 pantry pics is my under the sink plastic storage containers (note:....keep your tops *with the much easier!), and then my cup cupboard & plates/bowls

Baking cabinet......

Some after pictures:  spices, measuring cups, & protein powder.  And my bookcase rainbow style. love it

Utensil drawer.....

After silverware drawer.....

Kids' money containers and office organization

Coffee & drink shelf, small appliances, vitamins  (notice that when you organize and only keep what you use, you have empty shelves!)

bigger pots and my "office" section

I love living organized!  Makes life a little (or for me, A LOT) less stressful :) I'm sure there will be more coming!

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