Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Years Eve Date

Well, the whole family got in on the date we had on New Years Eve to celebrate the New Year and that Daddy was home with us for a whole week and a half!  We stopped at 360 Cafe (only our *favorite place in town to get coffee!  Super cheap and super yummy!) to get coffee for mom and dad and smoothies for the kiddos!  They opted to get strawberry/mango mix...mmmm... And were nice enough to give us 2 smoothies in 4 cups :)  Jaeger just sipped on everyone's and had fun being mischievous behind the couches.

Then we headed over to mom and dads where the kids had a sleepover!  They were so excited!  They told us they were going to make cookies and watch a movie!...which they did.  And once they were all settled in over there, Nathan and I (and Selah) went to a friends house (other parents from the school the kids attend), where they were having a big gathering to play games and to ring in the new year.  Nathan, of course, got a game of "spoons" going....which I think most people have a love/hate relationship with.  There were a few people that loved playing, but ended up with hurt fingers or hands trying to grab the spoons.  It came with lots of laughs like always though.  Then we played some Catch Phrase which most people hadn't played before so it was a new hit among some!  That was followed by a few rounds of Farkel.  Besides it being freezing cold in the house (their old house doesn't have insulation), it was a nice time.  We ate, laughed, and fellowshipped til the New Year arrived.  We were the last ones out the door at 12:30.  We went home, crashed, and wished we didn't have to get up in the morning.

But we did and Nathan was off to my parents to go get some new dressers for us from some friends of theirs.  This is one piece of it.  They originally brought it downstairs in T & C's room but once I got home and saw it, I thought it was way too nice to be where they can destroy it.  So after much begging, my handsome hubby helped me carry it back upstairs to our room.  I love it! (although its not black!...)

When Nathan was busy getting this and others and going back to my parents to be with the kids, I went to Salvation Army and did my annual clothes shopping when all their clothes are half off!  I got some stuff for me and the kids, plus I found some black boots that were also half off.  Can't beat that!

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