Thursday, January 9, 2014

Facebook Status--May

May 2
If anyone knows anyone in Sioux Falls with an extra bedroom to sleep in, let me know asap!! 

May 5
Anyone have a clothes hanger/rack that I could borrow for a garage sale?

May 6
N D T C B A J _ ?

May 7
For those of you not very good at decoding...the last post was to say that I am pregnant 

May 14
Recently, we've had a couple young ladies move in with us. Tonight, while I sat outside in the warm breeze, one rubbed my back while the other made supper. I think I can get used to this!!!

May 17
 my little people collection so far! Makes me happy 
Photo: I <3 my little people collection so far! Makes me happy :)

May 19
Calvary Sunday school still going on for the kids?

May 28
I am taking my husband up on a challenge he presented me and I'm signing off of FB for a month!! If you want to keep up with us, you can follow the 'old fashioned' way via my blog lol  I plan to post there more often without FB. And for those of you wondering, no I am not showing yet and yes, we will find out sex of baby next Monday!! G'bye for now!!

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