Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Two 2 year olds!!

Brayan turned 2 on August 23rd and Caedmon won't turn 3 until Sept. 4th....which means they are both TWO for a couple weeks!! If you remember, I posted this post last year at this time when I had two 1 yr olds! They are sure growing up!! (And Caedmon actually has HAIR this year!! :) These pics were just taken this morning.

Brotherly Love

Brayan wearin' Daddy's hat :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cool Temps

Seward's average high temp for August: 88..................Average low for August: 63

Seward's average high temp for October: 69................Average low for October: 42

Today's high: 71......................tonight's low (supposed to be): 45 (near record low!)


Friday, August 28, 2009

The Question of the Day

Since I (frankly) just don't like the pack 'n play that Brayan was sleeping in (and since he's learned how to crawl out of it...which I knew was inevitably going to happen but I'm glad it didn't happen as soon as Tiernan, who was about 16 months when he crawled out of and back into his crib!), we decided he could sleep on a big boy bed er, mattress. And since we don't happen to have three toddler beds yet, a crib mattress on the floor in the corner will have to suffice!! the question of the day.....

STATEMENT: Brayan is no longer contained while he "sleeps".


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


There was a tiny bit of my veggie dip left and Nathan cleared the table that night.....this is what I found in the fridge the next day :)

Now that is a clever way to store leftovers....just keep it on a spoon, wrap it with a baggie and finish it off with a twist-tie! ah, husbands........ :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best Garage Sale Find Yet!

Here it is, folks!! An 8-in-1 Little Tikes Climber!!!

When my parents were visiting us last, I saw an ad for a 'daycare going out of business' garage sale and asked if they would be so kind as to watch the kids so I could go to it. So my dad watched the boys while mom and I (& ariella) went to the sale. We got there about 15 minutes before it started and watched the people starting to congregate in the front yard, so we decided we'd better get out too. Each person was kind of lingering by the item(s) that they were interested in. Once it opened, I went up to the lady to tell her I was interested in the climber and ask how much she wanted for it. I believe the price she was asking was fair so I said I'd take it!! Mom and I had a great time shopping the rest of her sale since it had TONS of great homeschooling stuff (curriculm, games, etc).

Once we got back home, she took dad's place and dad came with me back to the sale to pick up the climber. After removing all the seats in their van and putting it carefully in there like a puzzle, we were able to fit it in the van all at one time!! We brought it home, cleaned it up piece by piece and put it downstairs in our play room!! The boys love it and so I do since they are able to use some of their energy up by playing, climbing and sliding, even though they are inside!! A HUGE thanks to my mom and dad for helping me with it!! If it wasn't for them coming that weekend, I would have never been able to get it since we used their van, they watched my kids, etc. THANKS!!!!

So I'd probably have to say it was my best garage sale find yet!!

They all love the slides!

Caedmon in the tunnel!

Tiernan, our little dare-devil, balancing on top of one of the sides...

Monday, August 17, 2009


What does about 75 pounds of blueberries look like??

We didn't get to order from our normal "berry lady" this year since we live a little farther away from St Cloud than Luverne, but we did find a good deal at the local grocery store!! They were on sale for a week so I went in every couple nights and cleared out all the blueberries they had. The last night of the sale, I called to see if they had any left before I left home. The lady said that they were all out but since that was their fault, they asked me if I wanted a rain check. For real?!? Sure!! I asked what the limit was or how many containers of blueberries we could have at the sale price. She said that there was no limit. Uh, okay... Well, then put down 50! So within the next few days, I went back in and fulfilled my limit by getting blueberries at my rain check price when they were now back up twice that! Sweet!!
If you remember this post from last year, it was where I told you about ordering berries for 2008 and we got 90 lbs of blueberries and 51 pounds of cherries. This year we only got around 75 pounds of blueberries (that was ALOT of little containers from the store!!! Everytime I went, I got in between 22-34 containers depending on their supply :) and 36 pounds of cherries (ordered from our local co-op). But since we have a few pounds of each left over from last year, it should work out perfect!!
Our deep freezer is now PACKED...with mostly blueberries, cherries, and strawberries...along with a few loaves of bread and some hamburger. We wanted to get a bunch of chickens from a local farmer BUT that might have to wait since we have no room!! Maybe we need a bigger freezer??

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!

Remember in this post where I talked about geo-caching??? And remember when I said that there was this nano-cache that we were looking for but couldn't find??? Well, guess what?!?! I FOUND IT!!!!! But it wouldn't have happened if my friend hadn't helped me.... Yes, that's right...someone else on this planet that I know geocaches except my dad!!!! I could hardly believe it when my friend Jessica emailed me after reading my blog to tell me her and her husband had found that cache with some friends before! Are you serious?!? She checked the spot the next time she was at the park and assured me it was still there.

I went out with Nathan a few days back to try to find it but the boys started picking all the flowers (imagine that?!) in the gardens so he thought it was time to leave. I called Jessica to make sure my dad's coordiates were right and that we were indeed looking in the correct vacinity. We were. then I asked her how big it was. I knew it was a nano *meaning small* but I didn't know how small and it's a little hard to find something when you don't know what you are looking for. She said it wasn't any bigger than the little tip of your finger. Are you serious?!? Okay....what color is it? Black. Is it on the bench? I just had a feeling it was on the bench.....yep she said! Perfect! I knew where to look when I went back.

The next day I loaded up the kids and hauled them out to the park to look (and hopefully find!) the nano-cache. AND I DID IT!!!

Getting closer.....

.....and closer....

Oh....I think I felt something....

Yep! The nano cache!

The top screwed off and a little tiny roll of paper was found inside to write your geocaching name and date on it.

That is so tiny!

No bigger than the tip of your finger....


Doesn't she just make you wanna gobble her up, she's so cute?!?!? It does me!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Beach Babies

One day last week Nathan was off due to the rain we got in the morning. After he got home, it cleared up and turned out to be a beautiful day!! I spent a few hours in Lincoln with my friend Meggan going to a couple health food stores and stopping at a thrift store on the way back. Once I got back, Nathan was waiting for me in the carport with the boys in their swim trunks ready to go to the beach!! I didn't know there was even a beach around here but about 15-20 mins down the road there is a park with a beautiful beach!! There was another family there but they weren't even close to us so it felt like we had the place to ourselves! We were there about an hour or so-not too long-but the boys did not want to leave! (We really only left because it was past supper time and we needed to get back to eat). I'm sure we will try to make it back there very soon!!

Brayan loved the water!....which was a surprise to Nathan since he didn't put him in his swim trunks! He said he couldn't find them but he didn't think he'd go in the water anyway....boy, was he wrong!

Boys having fun. Tiernan is in the distance swimming over by the bouys.

Ariella's first time in a lake!!

Nathan trying to get his legs and the rest of his body to match the color of his arms...looks like he's got a ways to go! :)

My boys

The shoreline

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Family Gets Bigger By Two!

No, we haven't fallen off the face of the Earth.....

Okay, now that I got that out of the way.......

First things first....We have a new member of our extended family (well, actually two but I'll tell you about the cutest new family member (sorry, Phil!)...Malachi Tim Legatt was born on July 10th (I think) to Jeremiah (Nathan's next youngest brother) and his wife Elisa! Since I was up in MN a few weeks ago, I got to see him!

Speaking of the wedding, I said in my last post that the next post would be of the wedding, so here ya go! Maria (Nathan's next oldest sister) married Phil on July 18th....well, actually they were married on Valentine's day so technically this was a "reaffirmation of their vows", but it seemed like a wedding to me!

Malachi, Elisa, Eli, & Jeremiah

Maria and Phil "reaffirming their vows"

This little guy is Ryan, a cousin to my kids but a look-alike to Brayan....what'd ya think??

Me and Tiernan hangin' out at the reception

The happy couple

6 of the Legatt siblings. L to R--oldest sister #1 Amanda, kid #8 Jeremiah, #6 Maria, #11 Naomi, #4 Neil, and #5 Christine. (FYI: Nathan is #7 :)

Tiernan loved hangin with his older cousins. Here he is with Blaise (Amanda's son)

Ariella with me on the dance floor. (I wasn't bustin'-a-move with her, I was taking pictures...just so ya know! :)

Tiernan playing the shootin' game at the reception hall. Thanks to his cousin Aaron (behind him) for continuing to put money into the machine...