Saturday, July 19, 2008

Berries and such

A few days ago, my mother-in-law (bless her heart!) went to pick up (and pack!) our blueberries and cherries that we ordered this year from the same supplier as last year. Last year we didn't get cherries, so that is a new venture, but I'm sure they will be wonderful!! The total amount of blueberries we ordered was 140 pounds!! and 84 pounds of cherries!! Yikes! 90 of those bluberry pounds are ours and 51 pounds of the cherries!! What do we do with all those berries?? FREEZE THEM!! and then eat them all year long!! They are GREAT right out of the freezer as snacks, the kids LOVE them!! And also good in pancakes, etc. We'll let ya know how they are once we taste them! Yum!!

I went to a garage sale yesterday and got a few items and the lady told me to come back tomorrow b/c things will be cheaper. They already had a lot of items at 10 and 25 cents so I wasn't sure how they were going to mark those things lower than that, but I decided to go back this morning to see if a few things were there that I was interested in but didn't get. Well, we I showed up, she told me "everything you can fit in a bag is a BUCK!" JACKPOT!! So I went through and grabbed everything that was nice and cute, even if it was girls stuff (so I can give it away!) and I bought a bunch of clothes having one of Nathan's sisters in mind (she's a lot smaller than I am!!). It was so much fun!! This is what I got:

1 sweater
1 jacket
23 shirts
4 pairs of pants
Pj set

8 shirts
4 piece outfit
3 piece outfit
3 pair pants
sweat shirt and sweat pant outfit
3 sweat shirts
2 pair of shoes
winter coat

13 dresses (so cute!!)
2 pair pants
2 outfits
2 shirts

And you wanna know how much I spent???? THREE DOLLARS!!! That's right 3 bucks!! I filled 3 bags, paid 3 bucks! Wow!!! THAT was fun!!!

Tiernan's winter coat we found at the garage sale...I don't think it's ever been worn!! He's been wearing it ever since we got home....strange, I know!

We stopped to see Jeremiah (one of Nathan's younger brothers) and Elisa's baby on our way back home last weekend. Here is their baby Eli Thomas (I think Thomas...) anyway, he was SOOO cute!!! Elisa had to leave about 15 minutes after we got there, but I got to snuggle with him for a little while anyway! He's so sweet....and lots of black hair!!

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