Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grandma visits

Update on my pie plate.....Well, after nap I took the kids to the store last week to buy a pie plate so I could finish making my pie I started. There were no pie plates that I could find in Garner! Alco was the only place I didn't go and after being other places with all the kids, I decided it was time to go home. I just thought that the next night I would go to Alco and look after Nathan got home from work. Well, the next morning I went to a garage sale and I found a BRAND NEW pampered chef stone pie plate!!!! It was one of the 'family heritage' ones so it's all cute and pretty and it's a deeper dish one so it will work perfect for not only pies, but breakfast dishes, etc. AND, guess how much it was????...ONE DOLLAR!! Whoo Hoo!! That was this weeks bargain.... :) So since I've had my pie plate I've made lemon meringue and yesterday I made a peach pie!

Not too much else has been happening with us, that is why I haven't posted too often. Just hanging out and trying to stay cool in this crummy humidity!!

My mom went back to Arkansas with my sister last week and her friends from MN came to pick her up!!! They took 4 days to get back, traveling more east and west than north! They stopped at probable almost every small town between Arkansas and MN! But since Garner is right on the way back, they made a quick stop at our place to say Hi!! The kids loved seeing Grandma and Nathan and I had a great time laughing at the sillyness of these "adults" :) Nathan commented as they were getting ready to leave that he felt like he just went to a comedy show! :)

Here are a few pics:
From left: Evie with Brayan, Jane, Mom with Caedmon, Tiernan with Pat

Brayan doing his signature "walking while drinking"

Tiernan with his mommy!

Apparently Caedmon was having a serious conversation on the play phone

Maybe they are talking to each other? No, I think they were both talking to Grandma. Haven't I told them no talking on the cell phones at the table yet? :) (These are play phones, of course!)

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Sara said...

That's funny, Darren talked with your mom on the cellphone for a few minutes while they were in the car and he said it sounded like she was in a classroom full of grade schoolers with all the giggling and chattering in the background. It sounds like they had a blast!