Monday, July 7, 2008

What a Blast!!!

What a fun weekend!! We started out our nice weekend by having supper at Pizza Ranch in Garner on Thursday. They have the best buffet!! For 7 dollars (and some change) you get all you can eat pizza, cheese sticks, salad bar (including applesauce and pudding, the kids' fav!), dessert pizza, chicken, hot wings, mashed potatoes, gravy and veggies!! Especially for Nathan, this is a good deal!! After that Nathan's parents came and we got ready for the big day on Friday.

We got to Clear Lake around 8:45am to get a spot and wait for the parade to start at 10am. We chose a spot under the canopy of a store so we could stay out of the sun for most of the time. It was SUCH a beautiful day!! I don't think we could have asked for much better!! We sat behind this lady who right away started talking to us and googling over our boys!! She told us the boys could sit in front of her on her blanket on the curb to get all the candy. She told her daughter that she would give her $5 if she made sure Tiernan and Caedmon got tons of candy (just what we need, right??) She was one of those ladies who is very loud and will talk to anyone about anything and is very persistant. So before the parade even started, she was buying my kids these toys that the venders were selling while walking up and down the parade route. Then once the parade started, watch out!!...She was on a mission to get candy!! :) She would yell at anyone holding candy and wave them over to give each of my boys some. She would say "hey lady (or boy, whatever) come here! Lady over here, right here (and then point to Tiernan)" and she was loud!! It was a little embarrasing, but entertaining to say the least!! :)

Then after the parade, we spent most of the afternoon walking around central Clear Lake where the carnival was going on. They had all the carnival rides and games and food, so it was fun! The also had a craft fair going on, so there were like 5 million people there!! We walked along the beach for a while and late afternoon we made our way home.

Nathan and his parents went strawberry picking on saturday morning!! They picked almost 40 pounds, and after Tom and Mary took some home, we probably had about 32 pounds or so to freeze!! I'm looking forward to having strawberries for a few months now!!

Saturday evening after Tom and Mary left, Nathan and I decided to take the boys to the waterpark!! It was VERY windy out, but it was supposed to rain on Sunday (which it did) so we wanted to go while it was sunny out. The water probably would have felt a lot nicer had it been not so windy, but it was still very fun! After 5:30pm, it's half price to get in and since we only stayed about an hour or so, we are very glad to have waited until then! The park has a VERY nice "little kid" side of the park with lots of kid-friendly slides and fountains. The pool on that side to just gradually gets deeper too, so its kinda like being at the beach!!

Since we paid to get in, I decided that I needed to take advantage of being there and had to try out the water slides!! It was definitely worth it!! The red tube slide was the most fun. It got pretty dark in the tube while going down so you couldn't really tell where you are and then you see the light and then you fly into the pool at the bottom!! Since there is water pushing you through the slide, you come out of the slide very fast!! I also tried that yellow slide that almost goes straight down (if you remember on a previous post, I had a picture of it and said that I never saw any kids on it...well, now I know why!!). It was really fun but you have to keep your legs and arms crossed, and your nose plugged!! That slide pushes you out (after going almost straight down) at about 50 mph (ok, i'm exaggerating, but it's FAST!) and then you have a good 4-5 ft drop before you hit the water! I went on that several times until I got too much water in my ears :) Caedmon didn't want to go in the water this time and Brayan just hung out in the stroller and watched, but Tiernan couldn't get enough of it! Definitely a blast!!

(P.S. Brayan is walking about 5-12 steps at a time!! Won't be long before he's running around!!)

Family pic before the parade!!

Waiting patiently....

Up the road from where we were sitting

The girl who's "job" it was to make sure Tiernan got LOTS of candy!!

The lady who wouldn't let Caedmon go because "there is candy to get!!", her name just HAPPENS to be.....Dawn Marie!! (Imagine that!!!)

Gotta have the turkey leg at the fair!! Tiernan liked it too!

This was one BIG DOG!!! He was, as you can see, taller than Tiernan!!

Water can kind of see straight ahead there's a circle thing that you can swim around...well, that has a current going through it so that was fun too!

"little kid" side of the pool

Tiernan going down the slide with Dad cathing him!!

We got back from getting milk last night just in time!! Right when we pulled in to our parking spot, it started raining and the storm blew in. Check out these wicked storm clouds!!

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The kids' pool looks like so much fun. I wish we had something like that around here. The girls would love it!