Monday, July 14, 2008

WOW! What a weekend!!

We left Garner at 8pm Friday night and south of the cities we got stuck going through a MAJOR storm!! It was extremely windy, pouring rain and the lighting was blinding!! I'm just glad I was not driving!! It brought us down to 35mph on the interstate with cars lined up on the shoulder on both sides of the freeway (not safe!!) but Nathan kept on and we finally got out of it around Bloomington. We still made pretty good time, getting to St. Cloud at 11pm.

On Saturday morning, we had to quickly see the chiropractor before going to my parents house so we were all ready to leave (like 30 seconds from getting the kids in the car) when my two oldest boys both came in the house (from playing in the porch) bawling!! There didn't see to be anything wrong with Caedmon but Tiernan was rubbing the back of his head. Nathan went to Caedmon and I went to Tiernan. The first thing I saw on Tiernan was a streak of blood down the back of his shirt.....oh great! Turns out that he got a pretty good gash on the back of his head. Since no one saw it we really don't know what happened, but from what he said was that he was on the chair and he fell off and bonked his head on the chair. It looked pretty deep and since we were going to the chiro, we thought we would see what he said about it. The end result was us taking him to urgent care to get a staple in his head. He only needed one b/c it wasn't very long across, just wide and it wouldn't stay closed on it's own. So that jumped started the excitement for the weekend!!

Saturday was filled with LOTS of people, conversation, hugs, PICTURES, food, volleyball games (although my team only won 2 games out of like 8.....but we tried!!..I think the wind kept taking our ball :), laughter, boating, and campers! It was a very, very successful reunion with both sides of my family being there including ALL my aunts and uncles and ALL my cousins and families (minus my cousin's husband, one step-cousin, and another one of my cousins sons but it was his 17th birthday the same day and he wanted to stay home with friends instead....I told them to give him a hard time for that, Blake we missed you!!) My parents yard looked more like a fair ground than a yard with one big trailer camper, one camper on the back of a truck, 2 pop up campers, two tents set up, a volleyball court, and a porta-potty!!

There were 45 people total (i think!) including all the kids and my grandparents. Which is actully really funny because JUST Nathan's SIBLINGS, SPOUSES & KIDS is 45 :)...and if you add in his parents, you get 47. So if you add the aunts uncles & cousins, you are WELL into the several hundreds!! :)

I have included several pictures of the day and will try to name everyone in the pics and how we are related in the captions. Hope your weekend was just as enjoyable!!
My parents Ron and Barb

Me and Nathan and Leah

Tiernan's staple :)

Intense game of volleyball!...I still say the wind took our ball...or the other team was cheating. :)

The big kids at the island sand-bar

My mom's sister Carol (center-right) with her husband Carroll, their son Mark (upper right) with Shelly (bottom left) and their sons Kobi (bottom left), Kale (bottom middle) Keagan (bottom right) and Kruzer (top left). Carol's daughter Tara (middle left) and daughter's Taya (middle) and Megan (bottomw left).

My mom Barb (right), her brother Rick next to her, her sister Carol, and brother Kim

My dad's sister Maureen (upper left) with husband Jim. Her kids Griffin (middle left) with wife Heather (yellow) and kids Colton and Brianna. Maureen's daughter Gina (red) with husband Jason and kids Ava and Brayden.

The whole McKeever Clan...I started out trying to say who they all are, but I'll explain it in the smaller pics :)

My parents in the upper left with Nathan and caedmon sitting next to them, then my sister's husband John with Faith, my sister-in-law Sara middle left holding Eliana, my brother darren holding William, me holding Tiernan and Brayan, my sister Leah holding parker and Abi

The 6 McKeever Grandkids! Top row: Me, my sister Leah, my cousin Gina; bottom row: my cousin Shawn, cousin Griffin (Gina's brother) and my brother Darren

Tiernan running in the water!

The whole Corneliusen Clan

My dad's family: My dad Ron (red) his brother Mike (yellow) sister Maureen (blue) and their parents Evelyn and David

My dad (in red) holding Caedmon, his sister Maureen, and brother Mike holding his grandson Carter
My uncle Rick and wife Zoe

Me and my uncle Kim

Eatin' lunch

My cousin Mark....sorry Mark but I had to post it!! :) Mark is notorious for NOT getting his picture taken but I just HAPPEN to snap this one when he was least expecting it! hehe :)

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