Monday, September 28, 2009


What have the kids been up to? Well, take a look and see!

Brayan helping himself to some snacks in the cupboard

The boys licking (yes, licking) something off the floor

Caedmon too tired to stay awake after telling me he didn't want to take a nap

The boys playing in the plant on top of my refrigerator

Lovin' on Ariella

All Ariella's real good at these days is lookin' pretty darn cute!!

Wouldn't you agree?? :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Here's another AWESOME thing my mom taught me to make that I am selling....aprons for your little ones!! They can wear them while they help you bake, cook, for a painting smock, or even for a big bib while they eat!! My kids even like to wear theirs around the house and put toys in their pockets!!...whatever works!!

The super cool thing about these is that they are adjustable!!! That way you can make the neck as big or as small as you need it! The apron itself measures about 20" top to bottom and about 14.5" from side to side. It also has 2 pockets in the front!!

PRICE: $10 per apron **

SHIPPING: $2.75---shipped via First Class Mail.

STYLES: Please see the link on the right side of my blog under Styles Available as they are constantly changing!! Most of these are 'one of a kinds' so get em while you can!!

**Also, if you live in my area and have fabric already that you would like me to make an apron out of (I need about a yard) then I will sew it for you for only $8!!! Just let me know!

(The ordering is the same as with the I Spy Bags....fill out the form, pay via Paypal and I'll ship it out!...Or pay me in person! :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sittin' Pretty

Sittin' Pretty GIRL, that is....

....who is also 6 MONTHS OLD TODAY!!!! Where does the time go??? I told Nathan that besides sitting up, I'm never letting Ariella play on the floor so she doesn't learn to crawl or walk....until she's much much older. Do you think that's a good plan?? I thought so.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well, here they are!!! My latest venture...making and selling I SPY BAGS!!!

What is it??? Well, I'm glad you asked!!!

It is a completely unique, homemade game that is fun for both young and old!!

Hidden in this cool 6.5" x 6.5" bean bag is 21 different things to find!! It has a clear window to see through to the inside and a tag attached listing all the "hidden treasures"!!

The back is made of a soft material, making it fun to hold!

These make WONDERFUL GIFTS and an AWESOME way to pass time while riding in the car (trust me!)...and since the pieces move around, finding them again and again never gets boring!!

How do I get one, you ask??? Read below!

A couple sample ones

example of things in the bags...each bag usually has some variation.

Use the order form on the right top side of my blog. Once I receive your order form, I will send you an invoice for the total. My prefered method of payment is through Paypal. If you use Paypal already, you know that it's as simple as logging into your account and sending money to my email address!...(which is ) If you don't have a Paypal account, it's super easy to sign up (and FREE!) and you can pay with any major credit or debit card. Just go to and check it out! Otherwise, I will accept cash through regular smail mail, it just takes longer!! (And, of course, if you live close, you can always pay me in person!) Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for your support!!
PRICE: $14 per bag
SHIPPING (and handling): $5.95 --shipped via Priority Mail.
(if ordering more than 2 bags, I will figure out the cheapest way to ship them and let you know via your invoice)
STYLES AVAILABLE: I usually try to make all the bags so they would work for either a boy or a girl (like the bags pictured). If you have a special request for a specific gender, let me know and I will see what I can do! Also, if you would like to see the patterns available at any given time, let me know and I can send a picture via email to you. Then you can choose from there, otherwise I will just pick one at random and send it out! (Trust me, they are all super cute!!)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crazy Kid!

Tiernan can be very odd at times....This is what he did with some of the winter stuff that was so generously given to us by our friends from church (who also live 3 doors down!). It was about 90 degrees out this day and he kept it on for a long time! He was just a-sweatin' but he didn't want to take it off!!

Then if you remember last summer, when we lived in Garner IA, he did the same thing with a big winter coat I found at a garage sale!! What's with this kid?!

(The above picture is of him a couple weeks ago and the picture below is of him last summer.)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Apple Fritters For Lunch??

YEP!!! And they were oh, so good!!!

You know how everyone just loves those funnel cakes that you get at the fair once a year....well, that's exactly what these tasted like, except they had apples in them! ...and even topped with powered sugar.....So extremely delicious!

Dontcha wish you could eat lunch at our house too??? :)

I couldn't even leave the plate on the table for 2 seconds to take the picture without little hands trying to dive right into them!! (That was Brayan's fingers in this pic)