Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Oh, that's frustrating....I had this whole blog written and I accidently pressed the wrong button and gone! Ugh....

We went back to St. Cloud for Easter is what we did...

Thursday evening we got to Nathan's parents house. It was only Tom there to entertain us for the weekend because Mary was in Virginia and Georgia visiting with two of her daughters, Sarah and Leah.

Friday we hung out at Darren and Sara's place to eat pizza and play poker...although we mostly chatted b/c it's a little hard to play cards with 5 kids 3 and under :-)

Saturday we went to my parents house and had Easter dinner and the kids got their Easter baskets. The men took the boys outside to play in the tons of snow St. Cloud got while we were there. It kept snowing and snowing and snowing!! It was nice to come back to Luverne where it's "snow-less" ...although we are supposed to get hit hard tonight with up to 8 inches...we'll see how accruate they are....

Then Sunday we were finally able to go back to visit our church in Kingston after almost a year!! No one, except my friend Laura, that was at church has seen Brayan so that was fun to be able to introduce him to everyone. One of my friends said when she saw him for the first time "Oh yeah! He's one of the set!" After church we went back to Nathan's parents house for dinner and just to hang out for the rest of the day. It was a pretty small bunch there, but it was nice to just enjoy each other! Keith and Nicholl were there with their 5 kids, Maria and her boyfriend and then us! Then later Ron and Christine came with their 2 daughters. It was a nice time.

Monday we came back to Luverne!

Eliana, William, Tiernan, Brayan, & Caedmon

Eliana doesn't look so sure about sitting next to Brayan :-)

Tiernan, Nathan, Caedmon and Grandpa Ron out in the snow! Caedmon is riding in the sled that Darren used to pull me around in...and I would fall asleep!

Caedmon with his favorite thing....grapes!

Tiernan found his Easter basket!

Me and Nathan

Brayan lookin' so good on Easter Sunday

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Couple Hours Later!

This picture obviously goes with the last two posts, but I just wanted to show you not only what a difference it was from yesterday when we were playing in the snow and making the snowman to this evening, but what a difference a couple hours makes!! The picture in the previous post was taken in the late morning and this one taken after supper. Where'd all the snow go?? Crazy.....

Well That Didn't Last Long!!

You are looking at what is left of our snowman!! You wouldn't think that within 24 hours, our snowman would go from looking like what it did to how it looks now, but that's just what happened! It was close to 40 degrees yesterday which melted the snow quite a bit and after supper we noticed that the snowman started looking a little lop-sided, and even more so right before bed! Nathan said that he must not have packed the snow as hard on that one side so when it started to melt, it just tipped right over!! Tiernan is pretty concerned and keeps telling me that we will fix it when daddy gets home. We'd have to walk all around the apt to get enough snow to fix it though since the snow right around it is pretty much gone!! We might just have wait until next year to make another big snowman, or at least until the next big snowfall! I'll keep ya posted.....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Let It Snow!!

There's nothing we can do about it, so ya might as well have fun, right?? We woke up to about 3-4 inches of snow on the ground this morning. There was no snow on the grass around our apt last night and this morning was quite a different story!! Nathan was home by 9:00am because of the weather. They shut down the operation for today, but since they expect us to get another 4-8+ inches tonight, we'll see what happens tomorrow!! The boys went outside to make a snowman! The pictures that are blurry are because I was inside taking the pictures through our not-so-tight plastic on our windows...sorry! There was a lady in her van that kept driving around the block taking more pictures of the snowman and the boys each time. I told Nathan she could have been from the paper and he'll be on the front page tomorrow...hehe :-) Enjoy!

Tiernan looked like he was ready to go to the moon in this snowsuit!! :-)

Caedmon even had fun!

Start rolling the first ball.....

And a little bigger.....

And the body begins....

And more body....this is going to be one tall snowman!

Nathan perfecting the last touches.....

And as Tiernan would say "Taaa-Naaa"....the snowman!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Some Pictures

Brayan being his typically cute self!

This is how we found Tiernan last night as we checked on him before we went to bed. :-) I can't imagine that our floors are that comfortable... For those of you who don't know, we turned our 'storage closet' into Tiernan's room, basically just where he sleeps. So now we have a 4 bedroom apartment :-)

Brayan's sittin' up!....Well, sort of....

Brayan likes to scoot himself backwards on the floor and then get stuck underneath the couch....that part he doesn't like so much.

Brayan's 6 month picture

The kids this afternoon

Smiles to go around...!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sick Days and Birthdays!

Whew! Has it been a long two weeks at the Legatts! We have all been sick, some of us twice!, and we are now starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel! (I hope!) Caedmon and I still have to kick the last of our colds and I think we will all be good!

Last Saturday was Tiernan's birthday. He turned 3! Wow! It's amazing how old he is getting! We didn't do much on Saturday though since Nathan was working but we did celebrate the neighbor's birthday, so we helped her eat her cake :-) The next day (Sunday) Nathan's parents came to our place after visiting some friends in Southern MN and they brought a cake for Biggie so we celebrated then. Nathan was working that day too, but we saved some cake for him! Now if we can just get Tiernan to go on the potty....! (sigh....)

The same day Tiernan turned 3, Brayan turned 6 months!! He continues to pack on weight and loves to push himself up when laying on his tummy. It won't be long before he starts to scoot! Caedmon will be 18 months on the 4th of March, so that is another milestone!

We took our first walk of the year outside the other day. I decided to just walk around our block. We did that 3 times (took almost a half hour) and then we came in. Tiernan has 'graduated' to walking next to the stroller, Caedmon 'graduated' to the front seat of the stroller, and Brayan has 'graduated' to sitting in the back seat without his car seat!! They all loved it outside and were very happy!

As far as Nathan's job being over, it's still looking like they will finish in April sometime. We still have no idea where we will go next though. The company doesn't like to tell the guys too much in advance, so we have yet to here what's going on. There is a job around here that's short (about 6 months) that might be a possibility, but that brings us to the winter being done with a job and Nathan's not sure he wants that. There's also talk about a 1-2yr job in we'll just wait and see where the Lord's going to have us go!