Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well That Didn't Last Long!!

You are looking at what is left of our snowman!! You wouldn't think that within 24 hours, our snowman would go from looking like what it did to how it looks now, but that's just what happened! It was close to 40 degrees yesterday which melted the snow quite a bit and after supper we noticed that the snowman started looking a little lop-sided, and even more so right before bed! Nathan said that he must not have packed the snow as hard on that one side so when it started to melt, it just tipped right over!! Tiernan is pretty concerned and keeps telling me that we will fix it when daddy gets home. We'd have to walk all around the apt to get enough snow to fix it though since the snow right around it is pretty much gone!! We might just have wait until next year to make another big snowman, or at least until the next big snowfall! I'll keep ya posted.....

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