Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Monday!

Need I say more?? :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Like Father, Like Son

I think I'm teaching them well :). (It's more like Nathan's just that good to me & Tiernan wanted to stay up later :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Back to work

It's so hard to try to remember to post each night! So here's what's up...

Nathan is finally goin back to work since being home a week and 2 days. His back went out last wknd and he couldn't work last week. He re-injured it on Friday, "rescuing" Jaeg from a boucer at Bounce Adventure, even tho he was totally fine and not even crying. And then he picked Jaeg up later that day and by the mid afternoon, he couldn't even get outta bed, We had company stop by (Ana and Caleb) but he couldn't even get up to see them. Thankfully by Saturday it was feeling better and after relaxing today, he's ready to go back to work tomorrow. 

I made up my first batch of cotton candy ready to be brought to BA! By the time I was done, my hair, shirt, & eye lashes were covered in cotton candy. The house was very hazy too, and not really sure why! Lol! Tasted super yummy tho!

Selah and Lauren chillin at church

I've been listing a million things on eBay, making a few bucks to store away for a rainy day :) ...or for when my husband doesn't work for weeks on end, lol!

She likes her finger!

Tiernan is getting excited for his bday party. We are letting him invite a few friends from school. Ana is once again making a cake for him. This will be the 4th year in a row she's done it!! First year, a baseball, then football, then a crocodile and this year...???? Maybe you'll hafta wait and see :) I'll give ya a hint, it's his favorite food to eat when we go out and it represents where he wants to work when he grows up! :)

Melissa's kids were over yesterday bc she had to work all day. When I already have 6 here, an extra 5 is really no big deal (except the mess they make is a *tad bigger :)  and when we eat, we do it assembly line style with me making them all up first!  We had "peppy pizza pasta" and broccoli with homemade butterscotch pudding for dessert (thanks to Nathan). My kids ate all their food and were on their pudding and Melissa's kids were still sitting in front of their full plates! Lol! Lilly was the only one who goggled it up fairly fast. Our kids are complete opposite when it comes to eating and I'm not sure which once is worse....having kids who hardly eat, or having kids who eat all the time!! :). The big meanie that I am made them all eat at least some before moving on to their pudding :)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Cotton candy

So today we got our cotton candy machine! We bought it to have at The Bounce Adventure. We had to try it out right away and boy oh boy, it's super yummy!! It'll take some practice making cones, but the kids love it!!

The FIRST one!!

It's perfect!!

Nathan's home from work today becaiise if his back issues. He saw the chiro an took it easy today w the 2 little ones so hopefully it's on the mend.  I went to town with selah and ran some errands and then worked at BA.  I have to keep earning my title as CEA (chief executive assistant) haha :) it's fun and I love helping out!  Melissa and I were asked in Walmart today if we were twins! Lol! When I said no, she followed with "sisters??" :) usually we're asked if our our babies are twins but us? :)

Gpa and Gma picked the 3 oldest boys up from school today and surprised them with a trip to the movie theater to see the movie Frozen!  They had popcorn and shared "mist". Tiernan pretty much gave us a play by play rerun of the movie.  :)

Selah yesterday in church
3 months old


There's a first for everything!! Jaegy smiling in the tub!! He has *hated the water and tub and would scream bloody murder the whole bath, kinda like Caedmon used to do. The slight mention to a bath would make him run away crying. Well, I made him get into the tub with Ariella a couple nights ago and after clinging to the side for dear life, he actually enjoyed it!!

Selah had her first little fever this morning. Nothing major, just around 100.8. But warm enought I make her miserable. Glad it was gone by the afternoon!!

Gma and Gpa stopped by and gave us back the little rocking chair that the kids broke. "On to round 2" I think my mom said. Well, now these two can snuggle again :)

I think this is one of the best views there is!!! So sexy :) lol!!! My man in front of the sink washing the dishes!
He's been home bc of the bitterly cold weather (-50 windchill) and blizzards and tonight, he made potato soup, from scratch, all by himself!!! All he did was ask me how I cut up an onion. That's it! And then he called me when supper was done! It was so nice not to have to prepare supper! And he's been very helpful in the kitchen too! It helps that he likes the kitchen very clean, he seldom leaves it messy!