Monday, February 3, 2014


There's a first for everything!! Jaegy smiling in the tub!! He has *hated the water and tub and would scream bloody murder the whole bath, kinda like Caedmon used to do. The slight mention to a bath would make him run away crying. Well, I made him get into the tub with Ariella a couple nights ago and after clinging to the side for dear life, he actually enjoyed it!!

Selah had her first little fever this morning. Nothing major, just around 100.8. But warm enought I make her miserable. Glad it was gone by the afternoon!!

Gma and Gpa stopped by and gave us back the little rocking chair that the kids broke. "On to round 2" I think my mom said. Well, now these two can snuggle again :)

I think this is one of the best views there is!!! So sexy :) lol!!! My man in front of the sink washing the dishes!
He's been home bc of the bitterly cold weather (-50 windchill) and blizzards and tonight, he made potato soup, from scratch, all by himself!!! All he did was ask me how I cut up an onion. That's it! And then he called me when supper was done! It was so nice not to have to prepare supper! And he's been very helpful in the kitchen too! It helps that he likes the kitchen very clean, he seldom leaves it messy! 

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