Thursday, January 31, 2013


One single post in January. Ha. Maybe this will mean that I'll actually be able to keep up with transferring my blog to a hard cover book.  I'm still in 2010.  Still can't believe that even with everything going on, I blogged almost  Wowzers!  Makes for awesome memories though.

So how has 2013 been treatin' us so far?'s some of the recent happenings....

We have something going on real exciting here but Nathan doesn't want me to post for another couple weeks, so you'll hafta wait!

Tiernan lost another tooth...#6....and was super excited to get a lego guy under his pillow instead of money.

Jaeger and Ariella had a little bout with pneumonia last week.  Jaeger was worse. He was within about a half of a day of being hospitalized but thankfully the meds helped and that didn't happen.  Within a couple days of him going in, he was back to his normal happy-crazy self.  Ariella is better too!

Shortly after the new year, our friends' house burned down, almost a total loss.  I've been helping with rides, shopping, a place to hang out, etc.  It was crazy to actually see the place.  Not every day do you go inside a home where everything was black and almost unrecognizable.  Thankfully everyone is okay and they are making decisions about their future.  If anyone wants to help or see what things they could use, I helped make a website for them.

Nathan is still working transmission, although we've been enjoying him home alot lately because of the extremely cold and windy weather.  He was home most of all last week and this week so far.  The only bad part about it is that he still has to go in in the morning so it makes for 4 hours of driving per day....good thing we have the civic!

We are still wrestling with what will happen next school year.  We might be taking the plunge and putting the kids in school.  We are finding out that that might be best for them right now but it makes me feel better knowing that we can take it year by year or sooner if change our minds or don't feel like its a right fit after all.  So we'll have to see what unfolds in the next few months.

I'm enjoying a relatively quiet morning this morning.  After RAD at church, I brought the 4 oldest over to my parents for a sleepover.  Since we needed to be at their house by 9am so my mom could teach them (they have school at my parents each thursday), I figured why not bring them the night before and then I could have some quiet time with just Jaeger before I go get them!  It was really nice to just put Jaeg to bed last night and to wake up and just make myself breakfast.  What a change in pace!  And Jaeger even slept thru the night which made Nathan and me sleep like rocks.  It was so nice!

I had my first public speaking experience when I spoke at the MOPS group in Foley.  I was asked in Dec if I would and I agreed.  I spoke on the topic of Home and Time Management.  Even though I feel really inadequate right now about that specific thing, I was able to share my ideas and what has worked for me while raising lots of little ones.  I think it went well and I hope I was able to give a few people some ideas about running their home a little more smoothly!

I've also been busy trying to turn this house into a home with painting walls and putting in shelving, etc.  My dad made an awesome cubby and coat rack in our entry hallway which has been so wonderful and I re-did our bathroom so it wasn't so blah!  I hope to keep painting as the rest of the white walls drive me crazy!

Bath before:                                                                            Bath after:

     Hallway before: (we had already put up shelves)         Hallway after:


 I'll try to post more pics soon....I need to get them organized first!