Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best Garage Sale Find Yet!

Here it is, folks!! An 8-in-1 Little Tikes Climber!!!

When my parents were visiting us last, I saw an ad for a 'daycare going out of business' garage sale and asked if they would be so kind as to watch the kids so I could go to it. So my dad watched the boys while mom and I (& ariella) went to the sale. We got there about 15 minutes before it started and watched the people starting to congregate in the front yard, so we decided we'd better get out too. Each person was kind of lingering by the item(s) that they were interested in. Once it opened, I went up to the lady to tell her I was interested in the climber and ask how much she wanted for it. I believe the price she was asking was fair so I said I'd take it!! Mom and I had a great time shopping the rest of her sale since it had TONS of great homeschooling stuff (curriculm, games, etc).

Once we got back home, she took dad's place and dad came with me back to the sale to pick up the climber. After removing all the seats in their van and putting it carefully in there like a puzzle, we were able to fit it in the van all at one time!! We brought it home, cleaned it up piece by piece and put it downstairs in our play room!! The boys love it and so I do since they are able to use some of their energy up by playing, climbing and sliding, even though they are inside!! A HUGE thanks to my mom and dad for helping me with it!! If it wasn't for them coming that weekend, I would have never been able to get it since we used their van, they watched my kids, etc. THANKS!!!!

So I'd probably have to say it was my best garage sale find yet!!

They all love the slides!

Caedmon in the tunnel!

Tiernan, our little dare-devil, balancing on top of one of the sides...

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