Friday, August 7, 2009

The Family Gets Bigger By Two!

No, we haven't fallen off the face of the Earth.....

Okay, now that I got that out of the way.......

First things first....We have a new member of our extended family (well, actually two but I'll tell you about the cutest new family member (sorry, Phil!)...Malachi Tim Legatt was born on July 10th (I think) to Jeremiah (Nathan's next youngest brother) and his wife Elisa! Since I was up in MN a few weeks ago, I got to see him!

Speaking of the wedding, I said in my last post that the next post would be of the wedding, so here ya go! Maria (Nathan's next oldest sister) married Phil on July 18th....well, actually they were married on Valentine's day so technically this was a "reaffirmation of their vows", but it seemed like a wedding to me!

Malachi, Elisa, Eli, & Jeremiah

Maria and Phil "reaffirming their vows"

This little guy is Ryan, a cousin to my kids but a look-alike to Brayan....what'd ya think??

Me and Tiernan hangin' out at the reception

The happy couple

6 of the Legatt siblings. L to R--oldest sister #1 Amanda, kid #8 Jeremiah, #6 Maria, #11 Naomi, #4 Neil, and #5 Christine. (FYI: Nathan is #7 :)

Tiernan loved hangin with his older cousins. Here he is with Blaise (Amanda's son)

Ariella with me on the dance floor. (I wasn't bustin'-a-move with her, I was taking pictures...just so ya know! :)

Tiernan playing the shootin' game at the reception hall. Thanks to his cousin Aaron (behind him) for continuing to put money into the machine...

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