Monday, August 17, 2009


What does about 75 pounds of blueberries look like??

We didn't get to order from our normal "berry lady" this year since we live a little farther away from St Cloud than Luverne, but we did find a good deal at the local grocery store!! They were on sale for a week so I went in every couple nights and cleared out all the blueberries they had. The last night of the sale, I called to see if they had any left before I left home. The lady said that they were all out but since that was their fault, they asked me if I wanted a rain check. For real?!? Sure!! I asked what the limit was or how many containers of blueberries we could have at the sale price. She said that there was no limit. Uh, okay... Well, then put down 50! So within the next few days, I went back in and fulfilled my limit by getting blueberries at my rain check price when they were now back up twice that! Sweet!!
If you remember this post from last year, it was where I told you about ordering berries for 2008 and we got 90 lbs of blueberries and 51 pounds of cherries. This year we only got around 75 pounds of blueberries (that was ALOT of little containers from the store!!! Everytime I went, I got in between 22-34 containers depending on their supply :) and 36 pounds of cherries (ordered from our local co-op). But since we have a few pounds of each left over from last year, it should work out perfect!!
Our deep freezer is now PACKED...with mostly blueberries, cherries, and strawberries...along with a few loaves of bread and some hamburger. We wanted to get a bunch of chickens from a local farmer BUT that might have to wait since we have no room!! Maybe we need a bigger freezer??

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