Sunday, August 24, 2008

We Now Have 2 One Year Olds!

It's was Brayan's first birthday yesterday!! Since Nathan was working, he didn't too much out of the ordinary, but it still was a nice day! We had ice cream cones outside after nap as a 'treat' and then we came in a made cupcakes! We waited until Nathan came home to eat the cupcakes so we could sing Brayan 'Happy Birthday' and blow out his candle (which Tiernan helped with!) Here are a few pictures of the day!

After enjoying his blueberries :)

Caedmon and Tiernan with their ice cream cones

Brayan enjoying his ice cream cone

Brayan with his cupcake and candle. We had to move it away from him because he kept grabbing for it!

" What is this?" says Brayan.

"Okay, it's not SO bad!"

"Actually, this is kinda fun!"

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Sarah Moore said...

Happy one year birthday Brayan!