Friday, July 17, 2009

Geo Cache

So what have we been up to? Well, the better question is what haven't we been up to?

My parents came to visit us last Thursday and the coordinated the trip with my sister so they could be at my place the same time as Leah and her kids so they could take Abi back to MN with them and let her spend a few days with G and G without anyone else! So they arrived at our place on Thursday night. It was a little different having them visit us with no moving planned!! Usually when they visit us, it's because we are moving to our next location but this time they were able to relax and just spend time with us and the kids!!

Mom and I went garage saleing on Friday and got some sweet stuff! I can't believe I haven't taken a picture of it yet, but I'm sure I will... We got a huge little tikes playground thing that most people would keep outside....well....we have it inside. :) It has 2 slides, a tunnel to crawl through and a little playhouse on the one side. We also got a bunch of games and school stuff so I was totally excited!! Had mom and dad not been there, I wouldn't have been able to get that since we needed to take all the seats out of their van to get it home. besides the garage sale, we basically just hung out for a few days before my sister and her family came on Saturday.

But before my sister came, Dad and I went "geo cache-ing" (not sure if that's a word...). It where people with a GPS can find "treasures" that other people place. For example, if I was signed up with the geo-cache website, I could place a little container (empty peanut butter jar, tupperware container, box, etc) with some small trinkets in it (nothing of value) and a little notepad so people can sign it, into the box. Then I'd go to the website and place the coordinates of where it was located and have people find it! You can remove stuff from the box if you want, but you have to replace it with something of equal value. Some people place a disposable camera in there for people to take a pic of themselves with and then the person who 'owns' the cache will develop the pics and put them on the web. So anyway, it's just something fun to do and people all over the world do it. I guess there's over 800,000 caches worldwide.

So when we checked to see if there were some in Seward NE, I was surprised to find several within a few miles! We found the first one fairly easy. It was in a city park, in the surrounding trees, in a hole in a tree at ground level. It was an old ammunition box with some kids toys in it. The next one was not so easy. It was called a "nano" cache, meaning that it was very small. We went to where the coordinates were, in another city park, but could not find it. We looked in the flowers, by the trees, under bricks and no cache. But now that I know where the coordinates are, I'll have to take Nathan there sometime and look a little harder :)

Mom and Dad stayed until Sunday so Abi could have some time to play with my kids before she had to leave. And boy did they play!! Complete craziness in our house for awhile with 7 childen 7 and under. But it wasn't too much different than the usually craziness in my house, just a few extra little bodies :)
Next time I'll post about Leah's visit....

And since I don't have time to tell it now....stay tuned for the story of our great adventure after Leah left!! I'll give you a hint of what it's has to do with me, the kids, our van, over 9 hours, and 425 miles :)

At the next park, walking towards the coordinates.....

Since Dad didn't have his GPS with (it was in his truck), we had to walk around with his laptop and his gps thing that he keeps in the van. It's supposed to sit on your dash and it has wires and stuff coming out of it, so needless to say, it looked kinda funny with us walking around with that stuff :)

"Is it in here??" Looking for the nano cache we never did find...

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Anonymous said...

we found the nano a few months ago :) they have the coordinates right even if it seems impossible. goodluck!