Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Leah's Visit

**We currently don't have the internet (something must be wrong with the wireless connection we were using that wasn't ours :) I'm hoping it will be better soon, but if not, we will have to order it ourselves. For now, I'm sitting in my van at the library. If only we were a house or two closer to the library and I could pick up their signal from my house! I lose the signal right as I'm turning into my driveway...shucks! Anyway, I'll try to post often since I have a ton of stuff to write about, but I will have to do it when I have time to get out of my crazy house.)
My sister arrived last Saturday and left on the next Tuesday. During the time that she was here, we just hung out with our kids, went to the park, and debated back and forth as to whether or not I was traveling back with her to MN when she went. Here are a few pics from her/their visit!!
Faith and the guitar.....oh she sang some hilarious impromtu songs for us!! One was titled "What you do when you don't have a job"...haha!!!...and the other one she called "I can do everything...all at one time". So funny!! Good thing I got it on video tape!

According to these two "They are getting married". Ahem.

Ariella wasn't as excited about the 50 cent blue hair extensions Leah found at the dollar store as Faith was :)

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