Thursday, January 9, 2014

Facebook Status--December

Dec 16
Seriously awesome!! If you haven't, try out the free trial of Plan To Eat!!! And then I'm pretty sure if you use it, you'll want to subscribe after the trial is over!! (which is very reasonable) It's so neat and so smart and such a time saver!!! Wow...!!! Just click on the link below!

Dec 17
At my last count, we have 347 little people/animals. Lol!!!

Dec 17
Tiernan quoting 1 Corinthians 13:1-10 KJV by memory for school :)

Dec 21
To past and present nursing mommas....What's your favorite nursing bra and where did you get it??

Dec 21
Listening to A Robertson Family good!! I just found out they made a Christmas CD called Duck the Halls. I knew Missy could sing but so can Jase, Willie, Sadie, Reed...! Jase & Missy singing Baby, Its Cold Outside is so cute!!

Dec 21
I've taken one nap since my baby's been born. She is 7.5 weeks. Today would be a day that a nap would be nice. #thismommastired

Dec 25--from Sara
Anyone know someone who needs an ironing board? Darren got a new iron and ironing board (and he knows how to use it, Dawn Legatt :)) Merry Christmas everyone!  (Because at Cmas, Caedmon wanted Gma to iron his melty beads for him and I said "Caedmon, I'll do it"  And he goes "You will??  You have an iron thing??"  and then I said yes, laughing and he goes "And you know how to use it???" :)  I obviously don't iron a lot at home ;)

Dec 27
Make 2014 the year you tell your money where to GO instead of wondering where it WENT!!! Join me for Financial Peace University starting Jan 14th at Shepherd of the Pines Church in Rice! PM me for details or sign up via the link!

Dec 31
Great article! --What to pay a babysitter

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