Monday, June 3, 2013


(sorry pic are kinda cut off...don't know what's up with that??) 

2 does 2 months go by so incredibly fast?!  Well, here is one reason that I hope to blog more often...I've learned that I can make my blog into a book in 2 seconds flat, instead of working hours and hours and hours on it like I've done in the past!!  For the last...well...however long I've blogged...5 or 6 years, I've made each year into a hard cover book so we can keep them for memories since I use this more as a journaling and scrapbook for the family.  Well, to compile all the posts AND pictures and make it look all cute and pretty takes time...a LOT of time.

 Time that I just don't have right now, so honestly, the thought of having to take more time to work on the book, prevented me from posting!  Crazy, I know!  But thanks to my friend Angel, who's a blogger as well, I've found a site that in one click, it compiles all the post and pics in about 10 seconds into a book.  In order. With pictures. Done.  Granted it doesn't look as pretty, it's just white pages with black writing...but really, for hours upon hours upon hours of time it saves me, black and white is not all that bad!!  So all that to say that printing my book is no longer a problem!  So I hope to blog more just because of that :)  I'd like to post a quick something each day...or every other day.  Some picture or thought...some funny thing said or memory I want to keep.  Would y'all still follow??  Might be more interesting than me posting every 2 months :)

So what's been happenin' around our neck of the woods??  Well, what hasn't been happenin around here is the better question!

In May, we had 2 lovely sisters, Haley (20) and Hannah (18) move in with us.  They share the guest bedroom downstairs next to the boys' room (lucky them).  It's nice to have their help and their company when Nathan is working out of town. (which is often since he is on a job in Sioux Falls currently....but it's hot time so we are trying not to complain...too loudly anyway).  The kids love them and to have 4 extra hands come in handy sometimes!  The first week they were here, I sat on the front porch (on a very oddly warm day) while Hannah rubbed my back and Haley made supper.  Um, yeah, I could get used to that!

In February (I know, long time ago...), we found out that (surprise!) baby #6 is on the way!!!  And yes, it was a surprise to us.  I was getting comfortable with 5....guess the Lord had 6 planned!  We had our mid-way ultrasound this morning and we also found out the sex!!  Guesses???  Let's just say that I cried happy tears ;)

This morning before my ultrasound....end of week 19/start of week 20

Update on the kids:
Tiernan: Is both bummed and excited school is out.  Still sneaks food from anywhere and in anyway he can....grrr... Is very good at playing baseball with dad.  Loved to plant the garden with dad last weekend. Built a big fort in our back trees and will put his lunch and almost everything else he owns in his backpack and sits out there.  Losing teeth left and right.  Cut his head open at a friends house and while it was getting glued together, the glue dripped down his face and onto his chest, causing it to get stuck and us having to rip the skin off of his neck and face where the glue dripped. yeah, it was lovely.  His head healed just fine :)

Caedmon: Did awesome in school this year and is excited about next year already.  Loves anything and everything soft.  Is always trying to convince me to let him have more stuffed animals.  Loves that he made new friends at school, esp with the 'upper graders'. 

Brayan:  Will start school in the fall.  Is getting awesome at reading and sounding out words.  Has the biggest and toughest will out of all the kids.  Fights with Ariella constantly.  Instigates a lot.  Likes to play legos while stories are read in the evening. 

Ariella:  Totally keeps up with the boys and has the sharpest wit out of any 4 year old I know.  Can think so fast on her feet.  Says the funniest things.  One thing in particular she's said recently...A: "When's snack?" Me: "In an hour." A: "That's too long!" and stomps her foot. Me: "Well, now it's in an hour and 10 mins because you stomped." A:....gets real close to my face and in the most stern and serious tone says "I didn't stomp...I was starting a marching band"...and marches "band-like" away from me.  Oh boy.  What to do with that girl!!  She bothers Brayan just as much as he does her.  Knows how to spell all the boys' names and writes words constantly.

Jaeger:  Does his "scary" face to anyone who asks.  And will keep doing it if you laugh.  Is 15 months old and does not walk nor stand on his own yet.  He can pretty much run behind his push toy but has no sense of balance on his own yet.  I don't mind.  The slower speed they are, the easier they are to catch!  *loves* his "ba-ba" (bottle) and will go down for nap and night time without a peep if he's got it.  Says 'yes' by shaking his body instead of his head.  Likes playing hide and seek with the kids.  Will go up the ladder and down the little tikes slide like it's his job. 

Nathan:  Loves getting the garden going and can't wait to live back in the country...although I have other thoughts about that.  Been having a hard time with his back lately.  Is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as his apprenticeship goes, although he still needs quite a few distribution hours.  Just started wearing his wedding ring again after 9 years without it on (he lost it a few months after we got married). 

Dawn:  Tries to stay on top of housework, although it seems like it's always an uphill battle.  Wants to start finanical coaching people as a side job instead of a hobby, although I'd always do it even if I never got paid for it.  Listens to Dave Ramsey's radio program throughout the day instead of music.  Was so super excited to have my ultrasound done today and to see baby all healthy and strong. 


Karri said...

I'm guessing boy. I can't wait to see how your bump develops. With my fluff, I already look largely pregnant and I'm due a month after you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
wonder if you remember Alban's mum when we met in Luverne.
I regularly read your blog and missed your news those last two months .
Congratulations for the coming of your 6th baby, a boy?
Good luck to your splendid family
PS: by the way, Alban is married and has a 5 months baby girl