Thursday, April 4, 2013

Boys' Birthday Party

Better late than never, right?

Well, here are some pics from Tiernan and Jaeger's birthday party!  Tiernan turned 8 on Feb 23rd and Jaeger turned 1 Feb 18th.  To keep up with tradition, our family friend Ana was kind enough to make Tiernan's birthday cake!  2 years ago she made a baseball, last year he requested a football and this year he was asking for a soccer ball...until about 2 week before his birthday, then he changed his mind.  He wanted a crocodile cake!  (Prob thanks to all the man vs wild episodes he had been watching).  Ana agreed to take on the challenge of a crocodile cake and it was amazing!  I had no idea how she was going to make it, I thought she might just draw one in frosting on top of a normal cake.  But nope! He got a whole crocodile.

Jaeger wasn't as picky and didn't request anything :) So I just said she could make his cake very small and in the shape of the number 1.  It was cute and fit him perfectly. He started poking at it and eventually stuck some in his mouth.  He held his right arm out to the side of his body the whole time which was kind of funny :) And since I wasn't sure what to expect with the crocodile and didn't exactly know how many people yet to expect at the party, I decided to order a 1/2 sheet cake from Sam's club for everyone to eat as well.

Guests starting arriving about 10:30.  First it was Ana and her family, who had to leave shortly bc of other plans.  Then gma Barb and gpa Ron, Jonny & Becky & kids, pastor Matthew's wife Susan and 2 boys, and gma & gpa Legatt!  First it was lunch, then cake, then presents.

Tiernan was estatic to get a few cool toys, including legos, but the coolest he thought was the remote control helicopter he got from gpa Ron.  He's been practicing on his and always asking to fly it, and since he was getting pretty good at it, we all thought it was time he got his own.  He loves it!

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The Horton Family said...

Awesome cake. Awesome herd of kids. Awesome family that we love and miss so much.