Sunday, June 30, 2013


We picked strawberries yesterday....well, more like we picked UP strawberries at the farm's little stand they have by their fields.  Way faster, way cooler, and way more convenient when you have 5 small children with you. And really for the $24 extra we spent having them already picked, it was so worth it. We got around 10 gallons or so and Tiernan helped Nathan cut the tops off all the berries. He did half the work and really kept up with Nathan! They had contests every time Nathan filled a pail of cleaned strawberries from the sink, they'd guess how many were in the pail and then see who was closest. The loser did 5 push ups. Nathan did the most push ups :) I made 18 cups of jam and we froze the rest. (The kids did get into the unlocked freezer and ate almost a whole gallon size bag of them today...some of which they hid in the end table drawers. Seriously?!? Who's kid are these?!?!...ugh. Needless to say the freezers locked now..)

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