Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Foley Fun Days Parade

We actually found a parking spot close, sat right where I wanted to sit, and all the bands performed right in front of us! The weather was actually beautiful as well. It started out cloudy, which was a nice barrier from the sun but then about a half hour before the parade the sun came out and it was hot!! But I guess better than rain! The kids loved it and it lasted over 2 hours!  Jaeger started out crying bc of the noise from the firetrucks but soon starting enjoying all the music. And he got his parade wave down pat! Instead if a regular wave, he started waving side to side! It was so funny :) The kids were only allowed to have one collective candy bag and they almost filled it! But since we aren't allowing them to have any artificial colors for at least a couple weeks, they'll have to wait to indulge in any of it. Hopefully they'll forget about it before then :)

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