Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fun at Capital One and Dead Chicks?

It's not always fun bringing all the kids to Capital One to get a treat, but this day the kids were enjoying themselves and making the girls there laugh.  And we only had one split drink! ;)

 We decided to get chickens this year and try having them out on our land.  We were excited to get the call from the post office to tell us that they had arrived....but we were told when they called that ALL of the chickens were dead!!  What?!?!

I brought them home and Brayan says to me "Mom!!...How come you bought *dead* chickens?!" Haha :)  (The good thing was that we got more the next week and they were all alive this time)

The boys working hard at the land, helping dad!

Just another day tackling dad!

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