Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I thought I would do a post about each of my kids, telling highlights of what they are doing, etc. I'm going to start with Caedmon!
All smiles!

The two things that DEFINE Caedmon: a book and his red tupperware "hat"!! (which he wears ALL the time!! :)

Smelling Hilda's (next door neighbor) flowers

Not too excited about Tiernan's kiss


Caedmon turned 2 on Sept 4th.

He weighs 24.6 lbs and is 2 ft. 9-7/8 inches tall. (I know, skinny little guy! :)

His favorite thing to do is read books. Next favorites would be to line up his matchbox cars in a row, and the same with his farm animals.

He's obsessed with hats and will put anything on his head and call it a hat!

He goes to bed around 8pm, sleeps through the night and will get up around 8am.

He'll (usually) nap for a couple hours during the late morning/early afternoon.

He doesn't have that big of vocabulary yet but he does say 'mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, baby, hat, up, bee, me, cup, go, ball, please, hi, all done (which sounds like 'ah dah', so cute!)....and i'm probably forgetting a bunch but that is what I can think of now!

He uses signs for milk, please, more, book, open and whatever else I show him the sign for, he will copy.

He LOVES to play in the tub, which is quite a difference from a few months ago! If you remember, it was Caedmon who was DEATHLY afraid of water, even the SIGHT of water! Now, I can't keep him out of it!

Breakfast is probably his best eating time of the day. He'll easily put down 2-3 eggs, a couple bananas, and a piece of toast; or 5-6 pancakes.

He's in size 4 diapers and wears size 18-24 mo clothes (mostly). We sit him on the potty (which he likes!) but does nothing and just wants to play in the toilet, so we are not too actively pursuing potty training at this time!

His middle name is Graham, named after my paternal Grandma's maiden name.

He still doesn't have much hair! :) Although in the places where he does have it, it's super fine and gets long.

He's just starting to climb up onto the kitchen counters, looking for something he can get into!

He's still our 'squeeler' which we are constantly trying to stop!

He plays very well independently. Tiernan and Brayan will play together while Caedmon sits on our bed by himself and reads books or sits at the table and lines up his cars.

He loves to strum his 'air guitar' and flex his muscles :) (what a boy!)

He LOVES animals of all shapes and sizes!

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Sara said...

Caedmon and William are definitely related! Books, hats, playing well independently, sleeping a lot... they really have a lot in common. Although William's sleep needs are declining a lot these days. Bummer!

I look forward to seeing who you tell about next!