Monday, September 8, 2008

There's a First For Everything!

Last week, Darren and his family stopped by to visit quick on their way back to St Cloud. It was nice to see them and Tiernan especially was super excited to see William! We ate at the Pizza Ranch in town before they left and the kids had a good time! I wasn't able to get any good pics of them or the kids while they were here, so if you wanted to see one, you need to check out Darren's blog (the link is on the right of my blog).

Caedmon turned 2 last week as well (on the 4th!) We celebrated with ice cream cones when Nathan got home. Now my kids are back to being all different ages :) 3, 2 and 1 :)

Nathan's been keeping busy with work. He still works 7 days a week, 12 hours m-sat and then 10 hours on sunday. Even with a couple rain days and taking a day off in August, he still worked 293 hours in August!! (Most 'normal' people work around 160). We are thinking we will be here until the end of this job, which will probably be in october sometime.

He got off early yesterday because of the rain so it was super nice having him home longer on sunday! We went to Mason city to do some quick shopping and during our trip, we were asked a question that I haven't heard yet....."Are they triplets?" HAHAHA!! :) I was busy picking out some grapes and all I heard was Nathan say "Nope, they are all seperate." I turned around to find an older lady smiling at all my kids and then she said "Oh, they sure look like it." We smiled and she continued on her way. After she was gone, I asked Nathan "Did she ask if they were twins?" (Everywhere we go, we usually get at least 2 people ask if Caedmon and Brayan are twins, so I was assuming this was the same) But then Nathan says "Nope, she asked if they were triplets" Hehe...this made me laugh! It was a first!! Tiernan and Caedmon were riding in the cart and Nathan was holding Brayan so I guess she couldn't really see that Tiernan is a little bigger than Brayan :) It was funny though....

Nathan and "the triplets" before heading into town....

Me and Caedmon (the other boys weren't paying attention to the camera :)

Brayan :)

He was laughing so hard!

Sitting in the cupboard

Caedmon with his birthday cone!

After it was blown out

I painted my nails to look like a french manicure...pretty good for an ametuer huh? hehe :)

Nathan with the boys

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