Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome to October!!

Ok, I know I did a post yesterday, but I thought I'd do another one today!! It's been a long time since I posted often but now that I feel like our lives are getting exciting again, there's more to post :)

So we thought Nathan working 293 hours in August was a lot....WRONG! In September he put in a WHOPPIN' 347.5 hours!!!! Wowzers!! Keeping in mind that most "normal" people worked around 168. But, then again, if you haven't caught on yet, WE'RE NOT NORMAL!! :) But that's okay cause 'normal' is boring...hehe :)

ONE MORE WEEK!!!! The deadline for the job is Oct 8th, a week from today!!! They are going to be trying as hard as they can to be done by the 6th though because if they get done then, they get a bonus. Nathan thinks that they will actually make it!! As long as we don't get any rain that slows them down, it should be alright! A few nights ago it rained the whole night and we got about an inch. Nathan said the next day was just spent getting unstuck so they didn't progress much. Now that it's dried up, they are back at it! He still starts at 7am and gets off at 8pm. I'm glad that its started to get dark earlier and earlier so the foreman is tempted to keep them their any longer than's too dark!! We are looking forward to having Nathan off work for a little while (maybe a week or two??) until the next job starts....we ALL need a break!!

We are very anxious to get out of this place as well. I have 12 boxes already packed and sitting by the door and continue to get a couple boxes packed per day. We won't have much time to move when we find out where we are going since they usually call him for a job on a friday and they want him to start the next monday, so I'm trying to get as much ready as I can now.

I'm SO ready to have FOUR WHOLE BURNERS to cook on! :) instead of just 2! That's one thing I'm looking forward to. There's not too much about this place that we will miss....although the two things that have been nice are 1)my clothes line right outside my door...i LOVE that!!! and 2) Donna!! She's been such a sweetheart and loves us so much. I know we will be missed by her.

Some things I won't miss? Hearing the marching band start practice a block away at 7:00 AM EVERY weekday!! Hearing the music/walking/digging in cupboards/coughing of our neighbor. Smelling the constant smoke of our new neighbors that moved in downstairs. actually, there were two apts (one next to donna and one in the basement) that were moved in to a few days ago and they all smoke so it tends to just float right up here when we have our windows open. Having our landlord not fix ANYTHING that he said he was going to or that we've asked him to. The CREEKY-NESS of our floor!! It's so horrible! The stove not working, the cupboards in the bathroom falling off, the bathtub being tilted so all the water by the faucet runs down onto the floor, no light in our fridge, having to push the fridge with our legs in order to shut it, no roller thingys in our drawers just wood on wood, NO light in our living room!! Our living room is seperated from the other rooms so light from the kitchen or something doesn't just flow into the living room and the other day the kids broke our lamp that was in there so now we have NO light in our living room....So, after like 7:15, no going into the living room if you need something...good thing Brayan sleeps in there, at least it's dark! :)

But despite all that stuff that, I know we've been blessed. We have a wonderful lady who lives below us, neighbors behind us that gave us cucumbers from her garden, and another neighbor who let us pick apples off their tree. A safe town to live in where I could walk the kids everyday. A huge park a block away. And we actually found an apt in Garner (which is where we wanted to move based on where Nathan was going to show up for work) that let us pay month to month so we didn't get caught up in a lease when it was just going to be short-term. Oh, AND we were 10 minutes from our milk farmer! THAT has been SUPER nice!! So I try to focus on those things and not the other stuff :)

Now I'm just excited to see where the Lord leads us next! Where do you think we'll end up??

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