Saturday, January 3, 2015


So the kitty is a girl! She's about 5-6 months old and still completely adorable. She's moved into our house and seems like she's been here her whole life. She roams freely and the kids don't even phase her. Jaeg will pick her up and walk around with her, Selah will lay on her and pull her tail...and she just stands or lays there! She's never snapped, bite at or scratched any of them. She's so calm!! We will have her spayed and declawed in a couple weeks and then she'll officially be a Legatt :)

A picture a few down is of our my favorite sign we got on our date at Hobby Lobby in AR :)

And Selah's face plant! We were in our room when we hear Selah cry and one of the kids brought her to us and says that her nose was bleeding. Well, all I saw was just a little red on the side so I wiped it clean. All of the kids were occupied and said that she was over by the front door and then just started crying. Huh, oh well. I put her down for a nap. When I got her up, her face looked horrible!! I didn't see any scratches or marks on her forehead before and her nose certainly didn't look like that before! Poor thing! So she musta fell and scuffed up her face on something but no one saw it! At least it doesn't seem to bother her and today it is much better :)

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