Friday, May 30, 2008

Goodbye Luverne

I don't have much time since it's 12:30am and I'm extremely tired after a super long day, but I'll give a quick update..... After 3 days and 3 nights in a hotel it's SOOOOO nice to be back in Luverne! Have I ever said how much I like Luverne? :) Today I tried EVERYTHING to find a place in Clear Lake and nothing. I made about a hundred calls, stopped at 3 realtors offices, looked at a couple places, called the owners of vacant houses, everything and nothing was available. We thought we would sign for this one apt and then after everything was said and done, he tells us we don't qualify b/c it was a 2 bedroom and we have 5 people moving in and according to their rules you can only have 4 people in a 2 bedroom apt. I'm like 'come on!' 3 of those people are under 3 ft tall! That can't count! But, it does....soooo...we were left with taking a place in Garner. (By the way, the reason why everything was booked in Clear Lake was b/c it's tourist and vacationer season b/c of the lake in town so the population doubles from 8k to 16k in the summer b/c of all the travelers, so everything in town to be rented is full). So the place we got in Garner is an old, small 2 bedroom apt that I guess will suit us fine for a few months. (did I ever mention how nice we have it in Luverne? :) My mom is planning on coming down here tomorrow and then we'll pack up and probably go to Garner on Sunday and move in. Another 2 day move...this one will actually be quicker than the last! We will be bringing as little as possible and keeping the rest of the stuff here at this apt in a garage in hopes that we will be back here at the end of the summer for another job going up around worthington. Jen, (being the great manager that she is!), said that we'll probably be able to move back into this apt! That would be awesome!! Anyway, so there's our plans for now. I will update with pics, etc later and I'll be sure to post pics of our new old place when we get settled. (it has floor to ceiling fake dark wood paneling in the whole place, every room, just to give you an idea of the great 'decor'...) There's lots to do tomorrow (like laundry, make bread, unpack suitcases, oh yeah....and pack and MOVE!) So i better get to bed.....g'night.

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