Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Why didn't I get all caught up on my blogging while I was at my parents house with internet that actually works??....I have no idea. So I'm trying it again today with posting pictures. It's loading as I type this, but it might take forever so I might have to wait until I'm back at my parents next week. Blogging is a lot more fun when I can post pictures :)

We spent the week last week at my parents house. We visited with my Grandparents, who met Ariella for the first time! She loved them and put out her arms for Grandma to pick her up right away! She also loved to bring both of them books so they could read to her. We also spent quite a bit of time out at the land, watching our house go up and meeting with our builder to do our selections (which I posted about last time). It was nice to hear this week that we were "under budget" with picking out our garage door, our flooring, and our appliances! You don't hear those words together too much when you are building a house, especially when unforseen things start happening like you need to do a mound septic system instead of a natural gravity one, which doubles the price of the septic system....or when the water level is too high for your basement so you have to raise the house up, causing you to lay more block. So it was real nice to be able to stay within our budget on those areas :)

If I can get blogger to actually upload my pictures I will post one of the house that our builder sent to us yesterday. The roof is almost done! The house really looks like it's coming together now and we are actually seeing our dream that has been on paper for so many years become reality!!

In other news....well, there really isn't any other news. We've just been hanging out and looking forward to the next couple months! I made my own pita pockets the day before yesterday, yum! I will post as soon as I get the pics to work. After I made those, I made a loaf of bread and then some breakfast burritos for supper and when Nathan got home, he walks in and says "It smells soooo good in the hallway" (of the apartment building). Thinking he'd say something about the smell of the bread or compliment me on supper, he follows it with "The neighbors are making blueberry muffins!" I guess ya can't win 'em all :)

I will wait for a few more mins for the luck...sorry, will have to wait til next week! :)

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