Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Miss Ana comes!!

Well today was the first day with my wonderful help, Ana!! She came around 11am today with her whole family (who stayed for a great lunch and visit and then left) and will stay at our home until Saturday afternoon!! I can't believe what a blessing and help it is to have an extra set of hands to help with everything!! She made cookies with the boys this afternoon, helped with supper prep and the meal, did the dishes, brought a great movie about animals for the boys, helped me take the garbage to the end of our (long-enough) driveway in the freezing wonderful!!

The boys love her...Caedmon wanted to get out of bed to go give Miss Ana a hug and kiss, Brayan insisted that 'Miss Ana brush my teeth!' and even Ariella wanted a good night kiss! Tiernan wanted to show her everything and anything he could, especially his camera and his "Wild Kratt" game on the computer. I am loving the company and the extra help!!!

This is a pic of Ana making cookies (molassas chocolate chip) with the boys. It was funny because she had 30 little fingers trying to steal cookie dough, lick the spoons and bowls, taste this and taste that...she had a few more distractions than she probably was used to :) But the cookies still turned out excellent!! Brayan was crying in the pic because Tiernan got to stir the bowl but he later made up for it by shoving a golf ball sized chunk of cookie dough in his mouth...guess that showed us!!

The result...

Yes, I am going to be spoiled for the next few days....and ya know what??? I LOVE IT!!! :)

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Shanni ♥ said...

Yumm sure could go for some yummy cookies. This post reminds me... we have some premade cookies that are supposed to be decorated and eaten. May whip those out today for Ace and I to have some fun with!