Thursday, March 17, 2011

Biggie's 6!

This post is well over-due (as are a lot of other posts!) but I wanted to show what a fun day we had celebrating Tiernan's 6th birthday!

Since his birthday fell on a Wednesday and Daddy wasn't going to be home until Saturday, we decided to wait until Saturday to celebrate. We had both sets of Grandparents, my brother and family and our neighbors come celebrate with us, along with Ana and her Dad who came a little later.

Tiernan was so excited to learn a couple months ago that Ana was planning on making him a special birthday cake when it was time! She asked him what his favorite things are and he said 'sports!' So she decided to make a baseball birthday cake!

" exactly am I going to make a round cake from a rectangle pan??..."

Stack it very carefully...

Adding grass around the 'dirt'....otherwise known as crushed oreo cookies :)

Making the stitching perfect, even getting the diagonal of the stitch correct...

Voila! A baseball cake on a layer of dirt surrounded by grass!

Blow out your candles from so far back!

Lotsa little boys

He received some awesome gifts including legos, tic tac toe bean bag toss, train tracks, clothes....and a bike!! This was pretty special since Tiernan has never owned a bike, nor ever tried to ride one! There were no training wheels on the bike and we figured that after a few months of practicing outside when it gets warm, he'd get the hang of it. NOPE! He immediately went downstairs to practice and within the FIRST DAY, he was riding unassisted!! He even started himself from hanging onto the wall and then giving himself a push! After the SECOND DAY, he was starting with one foot on the peddle and swinging his leg around the back of the seat to the other peddle. So, after 3 weeks or so, he's pretty much a pro and rides like he's been at it for years. Way to go Tiernan! We are so proud of you!!

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Annette W. said...

I enjoyed reading your post on your son's birthday celebration. 'Heart warming,' would be the word to describe what I felt as I read and saw our Ana's involvement in your family's special day.
It sounded and looked like he had a wonderful day rich with friends and family to add to the happiness a child has with having a birthday.
Ana's mom