Friday, December 7, 2012

I survived.

Well, I survived. Barely.

I had to go to town to drop off a meal for a family from church and do a couple "simple" errands that shouldn't take that long.  And no, after almost 8 years of being a parent, I apparently haven't learned that NOTHING is simple and quick with 5 kids in tow...especially our kids.

The kids are crazy in the van...crazy AND loud and I knew that the store wouldn't be much different.  I drove into Walmart parking lot and drove right back out.  Nope!  I don't like Walmart.  I don't like Walmart with all my kids and I especially don't like Walmart with all my kids and lots of people. 

Next up, Home Depot.  I needed 3 things. Hinges, poly, and sandpaper.  Should only take 5 mins, right?!  Nope. Kids are touching everything. Everything. Ya know all the little cubby things that all the knobs and hinges are held in., close, open, close.  Wrestling on the floor, ninja acting in the aisles, pulling the cart with Jaeger in it away from mom. 

We finally leave.

Next up, Coborns.  Between getting a few free kids videos to bathroom breaks to forgetting something and going back after paying for everything else, we finally made it out of there.

7pm and we haven't eaten supper yet.

Get home, put supper in the oven (thankfully I had already put it together this afternoon!) and finally finish supper by 8pm.

I'm wiped.

This is when we were heading to the checkout and I finally got them all rounded up.  And, yes, the cart was heavy and hard to push.  By this time I didn't care about how heavy it was, I was just glad that they were all in one spot!

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