Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Letters and Envelopes

I had a terrible, horrible cold this past week that literally had me shoving Kleenex up my nose just so I could have 2 mins without blowing it. On top of that I had a massive headache. So i didn't do much except lounge at home. That gave me time to scan all of our old love letters to each other since we met into the computer and compile them into book form. It's done and it's awesome. And it's "only" $310! I think I'll wait to see if prices go down a bit!

Selah's already vacuuming the kitchen :)

Each day (almost) in December, we've been opening "The Red Envelope" to see what activity or fun treat is written in there for that day.  Last Saturday, it was "build your own snowman breakfast"! The kids had a blast and mom & dad went against their usually healthy selves and let the kids have candy w their breakfast!  Other days so far have been sipping hot chocolate, eating a candy cane, & writing someone a letter.

Selah also thought she was pretty funny when she put her foot up on the table. Silly girl.

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